Anthony Charman

FAULT: What is the creative process of your music?

Anthony: I suppose just letting whatever’s in my head come out!
It can get you in trouble, and make people think your
barking, but musically, I find it works. It helps to create
a fresh sound; letting random ob-la-di ob-la-da enter the
airwaves, as to oppose the usual drivel!
FAULT: Can you sum up your sound in 3 words?

Anthony: Pop, Rock, Turkey!

FAULT: How would you rate yourself as an artist?

Anthony: As an English version of Lady Gaga, but without the need
for a straight-jacket! Music has to be a competition. If you
don’t go out there and try and be better than The Beatles,
then you shouldn’t bother trying in the first place! If I didn’t
think I could be better than The Beatles, I’d stop! Unfortunately
though, it doesn’t matter how good you are. If you’re not rich
enough to buy yourself into the industry, or if you don’t know
someone’s daddy at a record label, then you’re going on the
scrap heap or ending up at Waterloo Station as a busker.

FAULT: What is the best thing about being a musician based in London

Anthony: It’s slightly warmer than living in the north!

FAULT Are you inspired by music?

Anthony: Defo! Kylie Minogue mainly…! Music keeps you young.
It lets you have a bad haircut and call it ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’!
FAULT: What is the track should’ve known better about?Anthony: Well, men don’t listen to women – goes in one ear and
out the other! By the time the girl says ‘well, what do you
think then?’ the boy has to say something and hope it’s
appropriate. Normally it isn’t, and you end up getting it in
the neck! That’s what that song’s about.

FAULT: Do you write from personal experiences?Anthony: Sometimes. Sometimes I just make up little stories for
songs. There’s a couple of them on my album. Big Boat,
for example – just a random story. It’s never a good idea to
write too personally, because chances are, no one will
relate to them.

FAULT: Is there anyone you would love to work with?

Anthony: Liam or Noel Gallagher. They wrote the theme tune to my life!
Without them I wouldn’t be doing this interview, or playing music
come to that! John Lennon as well if he was still dancing.

FAULT: Where can people hear more of your stuff?

Anthony: By putting their ear to my mouth or by going to

FAULT: What are you currently working on? and what can we expect from you in 2011?

Anthony: At the moment I’m busy promoting my debut album ‘Menace to Society.’
I’m also booking myself a mini tour – so keep a look out on the
horizon. The rest of the year will be spent gigging, hoping for a break,
and maybe releasing a new tune.

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

Anthony: Global warming is my FAULT! Sorry folks

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