“There’s a Fault” S. A. Andrée

‘There is a fault’ is an album that stems from the somewhat tragic explorations of the artist ‘namesake’ S. A Andree, a Swedish explorer, who attempted a failed and rather tragic expedition in 1897 to travel across Sweden and on to the North Pole in a hydrogen balloon.

The album itself, is written from the explorer’s perspective, “through his ascension, disappearance, discovery of his corpse and repatriation: existing for decades in ghostly limbo between failure and hero, life and death.”

It journeys through a warm and sometimes fuzzy, magical world that was recorded using original analogue synthesizers, that need full manual control. With the imperfections and fluctuations giving the songs a layer of warmth, and a depth that penetrates down to the core. “Their use also highlight the elapsed time and technological advancements between Andrée’s initial expedition and his belated discovery.” Another parallel to the explorer.

The concept has taken 3 years to materialize. What we get is an original and mesmerizing capsule of timeless multi instrumental beauty that leaves you breathless and fulfilled.

The album is available from Lex Records. Both Digitally and In Vinyl. S. A Andree also uploaded 2 Mixtapes littered with random samples and influences. Available Here and Here. Enjoy!


Interview by Silvana Lagos