Pura Neurosi

FAULT: Who are Pura Neurosi?

An Italian and Portuguese producer met half way in Spain Barcelona.

FAULT: What is your musical background?

During our younger years we grew up listening to Rock, Punk and Alternative music but later in life we developed a taste for electronic music which has then channelled into Pura Neurosi today.

FAULT: What are you hoping to achieve in 2011?

We are about to finish our first e.p. called Pura Neurosi, we have chosen 6 tracks from a large number of productions we have done over the last year. We have a few labels who support our project but want something concrete to start to show our productions acting live.
We are working on some new tracks maybe towards a second e.p. Hopefully it can be released at the end of this year. But it is still in an embryonic way. We can only say that it will be darker than the first.

FAULT: Who inspired you as a child?

There are a lot of key musical figures that for sure delighted us during our childhood, for that reason is quite “boring” to make a list of them. Anyway we can mention a few just to get a better picture of it as: Black Sabbath, Tool and Spaceman 3.
FAULT: What is it like being an band based in Barcelona Spain??

Nice question i never thought about it…well by our personal point of view we hardly find a benefit of being in Barcelona, notwithstanding its status of “cosmopolitan” city.
Is true that the city is focused on electronic music, considering the huge amount of Clubs, Collectives and its most important festival over the Europe as Sonar, so hopefully people will be interested in our project.

FAULT: What is the track “Some Days” about?

We normally are not so confident to talk about our tracks/lyrics…we prefer to leave an open approach to them, so everyone can easily or hardly find its own meaning, We like the idea of an interacting listening. We know what the tracks mean to us, that’s it.
You know Some Days are better than others.

FAULT: Do you write from personal experiences?

Yes, you could say that they come from personal views of experiences, and in which way they affect us..

FAULT: What was your biggest highlight of 2010?

Tuning the guitar in C.

FAULT: Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with?

There are a lots of good artists that should be great to share knowledge with, but we prefer to collaborate with someone who really has the will to do it for gaining more power from the collaboration. So far, we collaborated with Daniel de Lança, giving his voice to “Some Days” and “Nobody”, and with Aurelia Campione, from La Cafetera Roja, helping us with her voice in “If U”.

FAULT: Who is underrated?


FAULT: Who is overrated?


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