Photographer Interview : Andrew Kim

How did you into photography?

I was always interested in creating art. When I first got my pocket size polaroids, I knew I had to do something art related. From fine art to graphics to fashion design to art direction to photo, I’ve come a long way.( I always wanted to do everything) my next medium will be video :)

How long have you been a photographer?

I would say more than 20 years. Anybody with camera and good eye is photographer.

What interested you to get into fashion photography?

Fashion photography is one of many things I do. With my images, I like to tell stories. And fashion is one of the elements in the story.

Any influences?

My work is heavily Guy Bourdin and Tim Burton. They are true genius in their medium.

Do you have any photographers / artists/ people in general you’d like to work with , dead or alive?

I like to meet Andy Warhol. I would probably ask him where he got his glasses.

Whats on your ipod now?

Immogen Heap