Phoebe Collings-James

Broken Hearts Requiem

Phoebe Collings-James is an artist whose work instantly draws you in with its rawness and intensity. Her new video installation is no exception. Her work looks at how stories of the physical and emotional experience of pain, violence and death can be told through art and film. The internet, Youtube in particular has been a re-occurring source for much of her video work including her most recent piece. Looking at the two way dialogue between how people publicly expose themselves and how they are affected by what they are exposed to. And the parallels that unite us in the shared experience.

Broken Hearts Requiem. A 16 split screen video installation showing a selection of female vocalists from the last 50 years powerfully belting out classic love songs. The piece builds slowly until all 16 women are wailing in unison. The effect is overpowering and unsettling. Pulled into the trance. Broken Hearts Requiem is an ode to the lonely. A look at the way we communicate sorrow in public and private, emotions that are universally translated into songs for everyone to attach their woes to.


Interview by Silvana Lagos