Little Dragon – Yukimi Nagano

Little dragon, have the addictive sound, that make the world a majestical kaleidoscope of just pure genius alchemy. Lead singer Yukimi Nagano, talks to ‘FAULT’ about the little creatures that roam their music.

After the success of the self-titled debut album, “Little Dragon” has exploded a world of multilayered sounds, with “Machine Dreams”. Yukimi’s voice floats throughout effortlessly, taking center stage with its haunting beauty. Adding a penetrating depth to a seamless electronic fusion.

Having recently been on tour with Gorrilaz, after the noted collaboration on “Plastic Beach” with “Empire Ants”. It’s clear why he holds the band to such high esteem. Nagano, a Japanese/American via Sweden Pixie dances around the synths, and spider web of strings and beats. Lighting the way to an enchanted world deep in a the forrest waiting to be bottled up, shaken and stirred.

Little Dragon – My Step



For someone who hasn’t heard the little dragon sound how would you describe your sound?

Dreamy pop electro-ish soul trance dance mash up.

Both your personal style and the bands music is a kaleidoscope of collaborations, styles, colors and little creatures. Where do you most draw your inspiration from?

All over the place. Every band member has there own musical background so its pretty spread but I guess everything from artist like Jay Dee, Kate Bush, Devo, Kraftwerk, Prince, DeLASoul, Jimi Hendrix…and much more has influenced us a lot. But just being on the road meeting people and seeing places gives you inspiration to want get home and write new music.

And where do the creations live?

They live in our studio in Gothenburg. They wait for us when were away and are born there,grow old there….

Does being based in a small city make it harder to be a musician? Or does it help you break free?

I think it depends there are both advantages and disadvantages. I guess for hook ups its good to be where the business is. But these days with the Internet its not like people can’t find out about you. For peace of mind and writing I think its good to not feel too distracted and that works better for us but its probably very individual.

How did the ‘gorillaz’ collaboration come about?

Damons’ wife had been listening to our debut album and I think she influenced his decision. We were asked to come by their studio for a couple days. It was fun everything was very chilled and open. We listened to a bunch of his tracks, he’s a very productive man. But we had a good session and ended up getting both of our ideas on the plastic beach album.

What’s the inspiration/story behind ‘constant surprises’?

Constant Surprises was one of the first tracks that I wrote with Hakan (keys). It’s about the feeling of life being out of your own hands, going with the flow kind of…I think it speaks for itself, its not too abstract. I remember recording it in Hakan’s home studio in his room lying in his sofa with a cold lol

Do you feel that there is a pressure being a female performer, to be a ‘doll’ on stage, made up, uncovered, ‘sexy’?

I don’t really feel pressure but I know what you mean. I like dressing up feeling feminine but I think it’s important to do it in your own way. Not feel like you have to be a certain way because it’s the ideal or norm. I think these days you get so used to seeing female artists half naked singing, especially on the more commercial pop scene. I guess that’s all good if that’s what those artists want but it can easily feel like part of a business plan and that’s pretty sad.

Is that the flute I heard in ‘swimming’? FANTASTIC! What other sounds / instruments do you experiment with?

We have a bunch of percussion synths drums covered in junk that we use to jam out with in our studio. Its kind of about what happens to be around us at the time of inspiration.  Hakan is good at making things and has plans of making some pretty nice instruments. The other night he had a dream about a synth that made the most euphoric sound he had ever heard

What album will you keep listening to and never get bored of?

Prince Sign Of The Times

What should we expect from Little Dragon in 2011?


Third album!!! Festivals and more touring in the fall!

What is your fault?


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Interview by Silvana Lagos