FAULT: How did you all meet and start making music

Feder: At the time, it was a transition moment for me, I was looking for a drummer for my old band and a friend told me about Franch. When I first met him I thought: “This boy is stuck on 90’s grunge period!”. Long hair, large clothes and a goatee which looked pretty dodgy. As soon as we made the first rehearsal I realized he was looking forward to joining the band so bad. Hence I did welcome him on board. Amazingly after few days he broke his garage boundary and moved across to me. This all happened about…less than two years ago I believe…I mean, Franch remembers when we first met for rehearsal by heart. You can ask him what was the weather like that day and he would know it. Anyway that transition moment for me was one of the strongest ’till now. I was coming up with a new way of composing music, I started making these pre-production songs arranged by a guitar with electronic inserts and drum machine about one year ago. This is when I asked Franch to join me. So here we are, a two piece band.

FAULT: How was 2010 for you?

Feder: Dreadful and pleasant question at the same time. It’s been a very creative year, we started working on new material during September in order to get us ready for the recordings we were scheduling around April. Our plan was to have the tracks done in few months but we did end up on Christmas 2010. It surely seemed a class test “ How to survive bad and negative energy surrounding” to pass: The studio was flooded with water inside, several times the machines broke apart and so on so forth. Bad moments felt like forever sometimes. On the other hand we grew up together face of the whole paranormal dramatic panorama. We learned how to stand certain trouble times. I spent most of my 2010 days, traveling from home to studio!

FAULT: What is it like being a band based in Italy?

Feder: For sure it’s not the country known for the best music events, quite the opposite!
Our city is from the very center of Italy. It’s kind of small. There’s no a plethora of clubs and festivals. So you may find few realities going on rather than many coexisting. You know, I lived in London and I guess it gives me the chance to see evidence of difference. In such a city you can walk down the street and someone could pop up and give you for free tickets to see Madness gig, for instance. ( That was a memorable day ). I reckon ten years ago this question would have a desperate answer. Quite often you would have craved for escaping. Nowadays we have a sugar pill, Internet. It helps to bring you anywhere in a way. Moreover I see things mentally and physically changing, but it’s like a scene in slow motion. I think Italy is a lovely location where to enjoy the process of creating music, recording albums. Less for experiencing live music.

FAULT: Where did the name Lamigdala come from?

Feder: I’m fascinated by the human brain, the universe and the music itself and I believe all of these are deeply connected. Think of the brain, this three pound mass of jelly, it can contemplate the meaning of the infinity and makes us so unique. Robots today are still intelligent as a retarded cockroach in so far they have no emotional value judgment. The Amigdala is the emotional core of the brain. It is what makes us human. Without that we’ll be paralyzed and our life would be irrelevant. The Amigdala is what gives us an emotional meaning to our lives. I chose this name because it does really embrace what we’re doing here: Music is the link to our soul. It requires passion and faith. Since the name was resonating on my mind in Italian and French specially of which I love the open sound, it became “Lamigdala”.

FAULT: Who was your biggest influence growing up?

Feder: I was born in a home where you woke up in any Sunday morning and you could listen to classical music playing from the living room. Beatles for all the week, and acoustic guitars at night on bedroom. Music was surely in the air. My father can play piano, and my brothers had a band together. I guess my family has been a good stimulus. Anyway my biggest influence was punk-rock.

FAULT: Do you have a creative input when it comes album artwork?

Feder: I do. Music to me is just another form of communication and I feel like this is my first language. Writing songs has a remarkable healing effect on me. Then I knew of this field called, Music Therapy where patients are treated with music. That’s where the album name came from.

FAULT: What are you currently working on? What can we expect from you in 2011?

Feder: We’ve just came out on New Year basically and started our promotion for the new songs.
Moreover we’re preparing our live production and set up to be ready for gigs in few weeks.
I hope you can expect nothing good you can’t expect yet from us. It’s my best wish really. However one thing is for sure: we’ll be playing live as much as we can!

FAULT: Can you sum up your sound in 3 words?

Feder: Intergalactic, colored, expressive

FAULT: Can you tell us what the track around the world is about?

Feder: Around the world is about not fooling ourself with lies we often build to hide our personal truth. It’s about being honest with our own inner voice and having the courage of listen to it. It’s about deciding to embrace our personal happiness and dreams and share them with people who care about us. It’s a self consciousness raising about freedom and desire of authenticity to escape fake things. As far as I know, only true things last. Still, I believe there’s no need to travel the whole damn world to put problems apart, cause you’ll never get rid of them. Just do it for the fun of it!

FAULT: Do you write from personal experiences?

Feder: I’ve always written from my personal experiences. To me it’s really inspiring to support my feelings and translating them into music, that is to say, a melody, a lyrics.
It’s all about a translation of my own life, everything it concerns, into music.

FAULT: Do you have live shows coming up?

Feder: Contacts are in the corner actually, while we’re promoting our music. At the end of our propaganda that is at the end of the month, we’ll confirm our first gigs to be on road on February.

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

Feder: I use to spend hours playing with my imagination and few seconds using reason.
My fault is still wasting that few precious seconds.

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