FAULT interview – The Hundred in The Hands

Photograph by Nina Geoghegan
FAULT: Where did you meet and how did you decide you wanted to
make music together?
Eleanor: We met in New York, we both had similar interests.
I went to classical music school which was definitely more traditional
and Jason played in rock ‘n’ roll bands.
Jason: I had a band called The Bodies and Eleanor joined us for the tour
and after that we went into the studio and made Dressed in Dresden and
sometime after that we decided to be The Hundred in the Hands.
Eleanor: It’s one of things where you can find out that you really like
playing music with someone but sometimes you find out that you have
really similar taste and I think that’s what happened with us, we spend a
lot of time talking about music and that was really fun, when it came to
designing our band we had a lot of places to draw from.
Jason: We’re also really good at what the other person is not good and so
that really helps. Because of Eleanor’s classical background she is great at
harmonies and she tells me when I’m going wrong.
FAULT: What were your backgrounds?
Jason: I went to art school and was studying to be an artist.
FAULT: Do you do the Hundred in the Hands artwork?
Jason: I didn’t do the EP cover or the album cover, in my previous band
I used to do all the artwork.
Eleanor: We made a conscious choice to work with someone else and it
has been a real collaboration, it was nice to have that separation because
this collaboration between the two of us and we knew there would be a lot
of stuff going on.
Jason: It’s the same with working with different producers because there
is just the two of us and it is nice to have a third opinion.
FAULT: Do you have favourite artists or photographers that you
draw inspiration from?
Eleanor: There’s a photographer in New York called Cass Bird and she’s
amazing she does really great portraits.
FAULT: Did you grow up in New York?
Jason: No I’ve been in New York for about sixteen years.
Eleanor: I grew up in San Francisco.
FAULT: What new music do you like at the moment?
Jason: My favourite new band is Holy Ghost and they’re our next door
neighbours so we’ve heard a lot of their new material and it’s great.
Eleanor: We buy a lot of vinyl and tend to listen to our records a lot, and
we listen to a lot of new singles, I was just listening to MIA’s new single
which is great.
FAULT: Do you collaborate with them?
Jason: No but we’ve talked about it and we might do something in the
FAULT: Is there anyone you would love to co produce or collaborate
Jason: Because we’ve just finished the album it feels like we’ve put that
side of our brain away for now. There’s tones of people we’re inspired by,
we would love to do something with Flying Lotus they’re awesome.
FAULT: Do you have a favourite Hundred in the Hands song?
Eleanor: There’s a track on our EP called Sleepwalkers and I love playing
that one.
FAULT: What do you hate?
Eleanor: Brussels sprouts and my Mum hates Brussels sprouts she used
to hide them under the ledge of her table.
FAULT: What is your FAULT?
Eleanor: I wish I was more decisive I’m very indecisive.
Jason: I get pretty obsessed. It’s good in some ways like making mixes but
bad sides like not going to sleep and sometimes that’s a problem.