Elephant 12

FAULT: What’s the story behind Elephant 12?
E 12 is what we call an amalgamation of sound that hits your body & your mind,hence sounding like 12 Elephants stomping in a room

FAULT: What are all your musical backgrounds?
Well there’s only 2 types of music,good & bad,we like all the good music without having boundries

FAULT: What’s the secret behind a good working relationship?
Rule no 1 leave your ego at the door,rule no 2)leave your ego at the door and rule no 3)well you know the answer

FAULT: How would you define success as a band?
Making a living from your art can give you loads of satisfaction while connecting with like minded people

FAULT: Do you have goals?
Yeah i wanna get off my record company case in the next 3 months(Hoxton Jobcentre)

FAULT: What can we expect from Elephant 12 in 2011?

Releasing an ep for the spring time,continue promoting our video(Diet Coke),doing festivals and touring

FAULT: What’s the story behind “don’t wanna dance”?
Don’t wanna dance is based on when you meet a girl and you want to skip the plesantries and get down to business,as simple as that.

FAULT: What is the best thing about being a band in London?
It’s competitive so you have to bring your A game and you meet loads of interesting peeps while gigging

FAULT: What is on your ipod at the moment?
The Black Keys,Beck,Public Enemy,Dead Wheather,Dj Shadow,The Munsters soundtrack

FAULT: Anyone you would like to collaborate with?
Yeah Sofia Loren,we like it mature

FAULT: What is your FAULT?
Jerome: my fault is attached to my bedpost
Robbie: nobody’s fault but mine
Manlio: up in smoke

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