FAULT: Who is behind Retro Grad?

It’s a one man band from Zrenjanin, Banat, Serbia, ie. Srdjan Marinkovic, once a guitarist with the local bands, now writing and mixing music in the Reason programme.

FAULT: What is your creative process?

The events around me probably affect my moods. It’s crucial to creating the first tones. After that, you just keep adding whatever is needed. The outcome always appears to be something different. My numbers surprise even myself at the end. I’ve never got the whole idea at the beginning.

FAULT: What is your all time favorite soundtrack?

Koyaanisqatsi, Philip Glass at his great film release.

FAULT: Who has been your biggest musical influence?

Joy Division – they gave back a deeper sense to pop music, Philip Glass – Minimalism as a perfect form.

FAULT: Do you play live shows?

No. My music probably sounds as if played, although it’s all electronic. Perhaps, once …

FAULT: Any plans to come to London?

I’d like it a lot. So many cities to be visited…

FAULT: What does 2011 hold for Retro Grad?

I’d be very happy if I could realize a collaboration with video artists over the next year. Modern means of communication makes cooperation easier and that should be used. Such kind of cooperation can bring unexpectedly good results and yet it enables every participant to creatively express himself.

FAULT: What is your fault?

Lack of commitment. The fact that I haven’t bought a computer 10 years earlier.
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