Marsh Branch

FAULT: How has 2010 been for you?

2010 has brought so many happiness to me. I could constantly play gigs, I
could collaborate on music with so many friends. Besides, I could make
friends with so many people by one of the collaborations.

FAULT: Could you tell us some more about "Marsh Branch”?

I have been mainly influenced by 80's UK rock since I was a teenager.
Paul Weller is a mentor of my heart.
I write songs, sing, play guitars and do other programmings. Music is
the only world where I can be free. Music is my shelter.
And I still do believe music can let anybody be friends.

FAULT: What is it like being an artist based in Tokyo?

There are so many livehouses in Tokyo. So we have many chances to play music
and listen to others. My musical friends always stimulate my
creativity. Though the ticket costs a bit higher than in other
prefectures, it's good for me to live and do my musical activity in

FAULT: What sets you apart from other artists?

I'm not sure what sets me apart from other artists. I think everybody plays
music has the same passion as mine and everybody has his or her own music. I
naturally make music and play music as music let me do so.

FAULT: What is your creative process, when writing a new song?

Just waiting for the new melodies to come down on me. When all the melodies
of a song are complete, I try to put lyrics on them. Most of the time I can
hear the arrangements of each song in my head while I concentrate on
the song. Sometimes it will take a year to complete a song, and
sometimes it will take only 3 minutes.

FAULT: Do you write from personal experiences?

Yes, most of my songs were coming from my personal experiences. I
make them exaggerate, or assume them to be someone's experiences in my

FAULT: What are you currently working on?

I'm now writing new songs and working on some collaborations. Maybe I
will be able to introduce my new songs in the live house or on MySpace
early in the next year. And all the collaborations are under
construction, but I'm very looking forward to completing these songs.

FAULT: Do you have any live shows coming up?

I have a gig toward the end of December. And I also have some gigs
in the next year. It is my greatest pleasure to perform and to be
given spaces for me to perform.

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

The place where new culture blooms.


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