Ka Boukie


FAULT: How has 2010 been for you?

It’s been pretty kool; I meet some great people like my art director Arnas Bagdonas and photographer Abie Lamin who have helped me with my visuals. 2010 has been the year where things have started to move for me.

FAULT: Could you tell us some more about ” Ka Boukie”?

“Kaboukie” is a nick name given to me in Jamaica a few weeks after birth, family and friends from Rae town and vineyard town JA shortened it to Boukie. I was always around music, as a child my mother would some times take me to dances like metro media, off south camp road, I would of course stay in the car and hang my head out the window watching as selectors (dj) like sky juice and artist like tiger a Jamaican dancehall artist would play. I left Jamaica when I was 7 and moved to Hackney. Here’s were I first herd “jungle” music, “incredible” by M Beat feat General Levy sticks out in my mind, I also got into hip hop around this time as well. I had ambitions to be a performer from then, I loved to sing but I was too shy to do so, or spit the lyrics I had memorize, what to do when the eyes gaze on u… HIDE. so music became my solace, my secret dream.

Over the years I spent a lot of time between Philadelphia and east London. Philly is where I got my first taste of jazz, which I am an avid fan of. In the summer there is a jazz festival in penn’s landing, I remember being 13 and listen to papa john jazz band on the pier, amongst others, and being swept away by the sea and jazz. Back in London, I would borrow my fathers tapes of Michael Jackson, George Benson and others, and wear them out in my big tetras brick-ish bright yellow cassette player that I bought in Philly at the dollar store, a friend recently reminded me of how I would be seriously zoned out, oblivious to everything that was happing around me, my mind was always in some musical fantasy. From then I got into listen to neo soul, rock, metal, DnB, folk and anything I could get my hands on. It wasn’t until I was doing my music degree a few years back that I was introduced by some friends to electronic music, I was a ill afraid of minimal techno and electronica as It wasn’t a genre of music I was familiar, but after a few parties, I started to dig it. That’s how I got into making electronica and “experimental” music, and how I came to where I am today.

FAULT: What is it like being an artist based in London?

London is one of few places were you can be submerged in other cultures, in other views and perspectives, you get the chance to meet people who you can share ideas with and learn from, who inspire which is totally great. From a new age digital perspective it’s a great challenge being an indie artist, as now a days you got to hustle hard, you got to cover a lot of different bases in the industry, a lot of people I know are their own label… distributor… artist.. Producer.. chef… dog walker what ever it takes to get your project moving. You have to have to be very self motivated or London will chew you up, contort you and spit you out.

FAULT: What sets you apart from other artists?

Like everyone, I’m different by default; my own experiences are mine alone, and therefore make me unique. I was always the “experimental” guy at school and growing up, my family always would tell me I did everything differently, a lot of the time it wasn’t to me benefit, I think my music is no different, obviously I’m still a new born in the industry, still growing musical. Also, my music mixes my musical heritage and all the genre’s of music I’ve heard along the way. Time will show us what exactly it is that set me apart from the rest.

FAULT: What is your creative process, when writing a new song?

If I have an idea and I’m out somewhere, I have to get it out on whatever’s around me that I can write on, be it a napkin, newspaper…  whatever. Normally when I’m home I tend to write and create music late at night. I’m a bit of a night owl; I find my thoughts are more cohesive at night. I sit in my studio, in the dim fading light of my energy saving light bulb and type, normal at some crazy time like 3 or 4 in the morning.

FAULT: Do you write from personal experiences?

Yeah, I draw my ideas from my experiences. Growing up in east London has given me a lot of things to write about, I went to school with some great characters as well. Over the years I’ve had a ridiculous amount of jokes experiences, heartbreaks, and seen a lot of things happen in the twilight, some good, some not so good, these things fuel my fire.

FAULT: What are you currently working on?

I’m currently finishing up my first EP, called fracture, which is due out some time in spring. I will be digitally releasing my first single in February called “Strip Away”. I’m also doing a joint project/EP with a good friend of mine, where I’m doing more production as well as vocals. I just did a feature on a Lithuanian singers track, I’m working on some vox for a tech/house DJ/Producer from Good:Vibe, amongst other things, I try to keep my self bizzy.

FAULT: Do you have any live shows coming up?

I have no live show planned as yet as I’m finishing off the EP, when its done I’m hoping to do a few gigs in the summer, check my Facebook, Myspace or Website for details.

FAULT: What are you looking for in 2011?

I’m just looking forward to seeing what happens, I hope people like my vibe J

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

I munched all the cake, I couldn’t help myself!!!!!

hear more: www.ka-boukie.com/