‘Jervoise Jackets’

LONDON, British label ‘Jervoise Jackets’ was established nearly three years ago by Kingston design graduate Zoe Graham. Featuring bespoke items with beautifully handmade tapestries, the 21 year old’s one-off pieces have since proved popular among British musicians – Marina Diamond (Marina and the Diamonds), George Craig (model and lead singer of One Night Only), Coco Sumner and indie band White Lies have all been spotted donning individual creations. With features now in British Vogue and US publication Nylon, the fashion industry is now taking note of this flame haired beauty. Zoe talks to FAULT about her unique pieces, working with her mum and dressing some of Britain’s finest rising stars.

FAULT: How did ‘Jervoise Jackets’ come about?

Zoe: I’ve always made tapestries and been heavily into the arts, I started these tapestries with my mum just as a hobby, (she is an artist too). I loved the designs we were producing and had always wanted to do something in fashion as well, so I wanted to find a way to translate the tapestries to fashion. Denim I think is something that will never leave our wardrobes – I’ve always worn it. I began playing around with different materials, the tapestries needed to be “updated” and I found using denim it did so automatically. I only started making them for myself and friends, my boyfriend and I at the time were both wearing them at Isle of Wight festival in 2007, and I met George Craig from One Night Only. He really loved my jacket and asked me to make him one, he really encouraged me to start making them properly. Turns out it was a good idea!

FAULT: What inspires you?

Zoe: Anything can inspire me; people inspire me, especially creative people. That’s why a lot of the people who wear my jackets are musical or artistic in some way. My designs are very sixties and seventies inspired, I love the artwork and fashions from those eras. Art is an inspiration from modern art to Indian art to Aztec art.

FAULT: Will you be exploring other textile mediums for future pieces?

Zoe: Yes I’m looking at doing some different things at the moment but its still in the pipe line and it’s a secret. All I can say is that its tapestry renewed.

FAULT: Are there any fashion designers who have had an influence on your work?

Zoe: I love Balmain, and the way in which they put fabrics together, but I wouldn’t say that any specific designers have inspired me. I wanted to look outside the box, if I just take inspiration from other designers I’m missing out the whole thought process. Therefore I wouldn’t make the best designs because I haven’t gone from the root of the idea to the end product.

FAULT: Will you be extending the line into other garments or accessories?

Zoe: Yes I’ve already started, I’ve now extended it to embroidered t-shirts which I made for Marina and The Diamonds as a limited addition (they’re on sale soon!), denim shirts and waistcoats with embroidery. I’m also going to be doing trousers and shorts soon.

FAULT: What are you working on at the moment?

Zoe: At the moment I’m working on doing some new photo shoots and a little film involving the jackets. I have two different people working with me – one is Max Knight, a great up-and-coming photographer, and the other is Georgia King who is an actress but has directed a few short films that I really loved, so we’re working on something together now. This will all be showcased in a very exciting way, but that’s for the future. I’m obviously all the time sewing as well, as one of the tapestries normally takes me about a month to make.