Caroline Andrieu

intricate line detail and impacting brushstrokes work together in Caroline Andrieu’sillustrations to create realism beyond any other. it’s not just the realistic aspect of her illustrations, but her choice of color, or absence of color leading to spot color against a black and white neutral background. it appears she uses several mediums, not just watercolor, but color pencils, pastels and who knows what else.

Andrieu graduated from the French school of the Atelier de Sevres and EPSAA and is currently the art director of Conde Nast digital (France) for its Vogue and GQwebsites. as you can see, she doesn’t just dream the imaginative, which she is quite gifted in, but also she sketches the runway looks and even some iconic figures in pop culture. she also designs for the young Gat Rimon brand and is a regular contributor for Lancomeand the Diesel Fragrance Factory website.

why am i obsessed with illustrations? there is something intense and bewitching and the beauty drawn out can only be seen from the eye of the one holding the pencil. Caroline Andrieu has an archive here, please take your time, and enjoy each one.

By Chaunielle Brown