WE ARE SELECTERS is born as a project in 2010,… A group of professionals related with fashion, music, design, photography, and art…we gathered and reaffirmed Renomade (2009), a european fashion showroom that works introducing new occidental labels into the market. Soon we have developed a special way of work..with freshness, closeness and having a friendly relationship with the labels with whom we work with…Which makes us unique.

We participate in new projects with fashion and music magazines…within a powerful market conformed with and by more and more labels…we wanted to take a step further…and we have chosen the name WE ARE SELECTERS, … that is what we are. And all that we have learned is devoted to this personal project, this is a restitution to ourselves, to our individuality,…and it will grow with our ideas and concept on art, society, fashion, music and life style.

It has been refreshing to see that there are places in this world where industry does not have a strict control over the local scenes. In places such as Bangkok, Jakarta, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires….We found young designers and labels capable of selling their own creations without having to open their own store, it’s a commerce that functions independently from the governments and the fashion cooperations…this tendency could be a fundamental basis to rebalance our consume model and market perception, during globalization.

We travel, find and select and this makes us happy because we support young creative persons that seek an honest way of living doing what they like to do. We support independent companies (in any market), that try to offer something unique and distinctive, … it’s a step towards changing the way we consume. A platform in which independent creative companies can develop.

While refining the project, we noticed that people like to look and to show their individuality and we thought that we could contribute with something new, …. To create a web with real models with an individual vision, a new interpretation of clothes. And this is why we’d like for you to collaborate with us, this will be your contribution to this project and also a direct connection with us and with whom creates.




Juan Simon and Solange Carneiro

We are selecters:  www.weareselecters.com


Photography:   Mikel Pikabea http://www.mikelpikabea.com/#/home

Hair Make up:  Victoria Alvarez

Styling:  Andrés Isiegas http://www.callitx.blogspot.com

Loreto Huertas http://squeezeyournipples.blogspot.com/