Talay Riley


Talay Riley


“I’m very much into the visual creative side of music just as I am into the music itself.”



Talay’s new single ‘Sergeant Smash’ is out on 31st January.


FAULT: What can people expect from you debut album?

People can expect to hear what music sounds like when you lock yourself away from the outside world and throw 20 years of life and countless hours of movies and TV soaps into 3-4 minute songs. My music is pop, indie, R&B, soul, country, electro and retro. If I had to decribe it in 3 words I’d say its courageous, refreshing and innovative.

FAULT: What’s your favourite track of the album?

This is so hard to choose! But if I had to pick one song off my album as my favourite I’d choose ‘Missing You’, which is like a country ballad that I wrote. The song really broke me down and a lot of sweat and tears went into that song and inspired it and I think it came out ‘INCREDIBLEEEEEEEE!!!!’

FAULT: If Talay Riley collaborated with another artist, who would it be?

Tokio Hotel, cos I recently found out that they have a song called Humanoid aswell which I LOVE! Nothing like mine, but I think we were inspired by the same things and shared a vision ‘cos we’re just cool like that, ha! It would be an amazing honour to work with them.

FAULT: Do you like to have a creative input when it comes to your music

I do, I am not just an artist; I sing, write, I draw, I act, I’m very much into the visual creative side of music just as I am into the music itself. Videos bring music to life and I love being creative and coming up with wacky ideas. So my answer to that is a big fat yes!

FAULT: What does an average day for Talay Riley involve?

Quiet walks on the beach, cocktails and and spa treatments… I wish, ha! My days have become so hectic, and it is awesome! Interviews,My performances, events, meeting beautiful girls. I’m just enjoying the fact that I’m doing what I dreamed of, which is a massive blessing and priviledge.

FAULT: What are you looking forward to in 2011?

A number 1 album, Number 1 singles… and doing insane performances at award shows! Erm, bigger budgets, crazier videos, crazier outfits, crazier songs and a crazier Talay. Crazier is a word right?! I hope so cos I just used it a lot! I plan to raise the bar so high that they consider releasing my music on other planets!

FAULT: What has been the proudest moment of your career so far?

It was while I was in LA; I was unsigned, I was broke, searching for an opportunity and so determined and there was this guy I met out there, who was working with all these massive artist telling me all these great things about his time in the industry, and I asked him for advice and he said “Quit! …Because you just don’t have it, I can see it in your eyes”. I’d never felt so broken in my life! But I promised him I was going to prove him wrong. And then I was going into an event, and I saw him in what seemed to be the longest queue to get into a building ever and he saw me and said how he’s seen the video and the song and how great it all was. I was escorted in while he was in the pouring rain and waving with a particular finger in the air, I encountered a great moment in my career so far.

FAULT: 5 things you couldn’t live without?

1. My Talaliens which is the name I call my fans.

2. My Post Of Kim Kardashian on my wall with Susan Boyles face stuck on,
it is hillarious, always falling asleep with a smile.

3. My Ipod, I couldn’t live without my Coldplay, MJ, Beyonce, Rascla
Flatts, Brandy and Imogen Heap.

4. My crackberry, my blackberry is like my detachable limb, I always
have it and when I don’t, I musn’t be alive!

5. Nandos – Double chicken wrap. EXTRA HOT, which cheese, peri peri
chips, corn on the cob, perinaise dip, thank you. I’ll have that to go

FAULT: What is your FAULT

It’s my fault sexys back! Lol, sorry Justin.