Pikara is the solo project and the self-titled first record by Sara Johanne, the Danish/Swedish member of Susurrus Station.  It features J Breeden on guitar, keyboard and vocals, who also produced it in their Portland, Oregon studio, The Accounting Office.

FAULT: What’s the story behind Pikara?

Sara Johanne: The Scandinavian version of a picaro.  The little flowers that grow in improbable cracks in the concrete.  A dream version of what it is we’re doing.

FAULT: What’s the creative process when writing new material?

Sara Johanne: The boundaries are ill defined, as everything is continuously changing.  I guess it’s just getting concentrated enough to wrangle in what happens to be in the vicinity that day and fatuously preserve the essence of it for a time.

FAULT: Do you write from personal experiences?

Sara Johanne: I don’t think there’s any other way anybody can write.  The future is going to be pretty rough, in that regard.

FAULT: What is the most challenging aspect of being a musician?

Sara Johanne: Rent.  Who came up with this absurd idea?

FAULT: What are you currently working on?

Sara Johanne: J (Breeden) did a short film called “In the Sea, of the Sea” that he shot when he was over in Copenhagen, and we have been working on the soundtrack, as well as the next Susurrus Station record.

FAULT: What is the music scene like in Portland?

Sara Johanne: Well, I’m from Stockholm.  So things are more saturated here.  It’s as if everyone in town was a playwright or actor in Shakespeare’s time.

FAULT: What does 2011 hold for Pikara?

Sara Johanne: We will be busy preparing for the end of the world.  Just kidding.  I’m lucky if I can plan what to make for dinner tonight (squash soup).  Maybe I will move out into the desert and have a skin transplant.

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

Sara Johanne: A road through the Serengeti.

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