Mick Simpson



Mick Simpson is the unsung hero of the music world. Within the industry he is widely acclaimed, however in the outside world not a lot is known about his work. In the early 1980’s Mick worked as a session guitarist and was spotted by Elkie Brooks who asked him to tour in her band. BBC Radio One’s Tommy Vance spoke to Mick backstage after a gig and as a result he played some of Mick’s Instrumental tracks on his Friday Night Rock Show.

In the mid 1990’s Mick worked with John Parr of ‘St Elmo’s Fire’ fame, featuring on his album ‘Man With A Vision’. A number of tracks from his album have featured on smash hit films, such as ‘Running Man’ with Arnold Schwarzenegger and ‘Three Men And A Baby’ with Tom Selleck. Mick then toured with ex Rolling Stone Bill Wyman’s ‘Rhythm Kings’ and in 2004 his original track ‘A Father’s Son’ won the International Songwriters Award sponsored by the Brits Trust. The track received major TV and Radio airplay along with Mick’s song ‘Looking Through My Eyes’ which was released to raise money and awareness of Autism, which is a cause close to his heart. In June 2005 Mick guested at the 80th birthday of blues legend BB King and his blues bar in New York. He has also played alongside other blues/rock guitar heroes such as Gary Moore and Snowy White.

Mick is currently in the studio working with Producer Andy Littlewood on new material. Watch out for Mick’s forthcoming album ‘Hard Road, which is due for release late November. Mick’s new EP ‘Walking Back To India’ is out now on CD and MP3 download, for more information please visit www.micksimpson.com

FAULT: How did you start making music?

MICK : I’d always been drawn to the guitar from a very young age, cutting out picture’s of guitars from mail order catalogue’s. I received my first guitar for my 5th birthday. It wasn’t until i was about twelve years old that i hooked up with Andy Littlewood and started writing songs, we formed a band called Blackout with a bunch of school mates.

FAULT: Do you write from personal experiences?

Yeah, most of the track’s from the new album draw from personal experience, for example the track Someday was written about the loss of my grandad, and Looking Through My Eye’s was written about my son Connor.

FAULT: What is the music scene like in Yorkshire, are you inspired by your city?

Pretty shit really! with the lack of venue’s and with today’s recession hitting everybody hard. There’s not a lot happening in my home town of Doncaster, however nearby Sheffield’s always had a healthy music scene and produced some great musician’s over the years.

FAULT: Tell us about your track “love me tonight”

MICK: Love Me Tonight is another track i co wrote with Andy, it reflects the life and times of an ailing blues-man who hit the big time and then lost it all, he then try’s one last attempt to claw his way back to what he once had.

FAULT: What inspires you?

MICK:People who’ve suffered real hardship, guys that have had their legs blown off for queen and country, and got fuck all, but get on with their lives as if nothing’s happened, thats inspirational!!

FAULT: Do you like new music? if so what are you currently listening to?

MICK: There’s some good stuff out there, however a lot of artist’s seem to draw from the old stuff and put their own identity on it, still tapping into the music of yesteryear. I’ve recently been listening to some Des O’Connor and Rolf Harris albums, but not sure if you’d class that as new music

FAULT: What is the most challenging aspect of being a musician?

MICK: I think trying to put your own personality over and not trying to sound like a million other people, keep trying to develop and grow as a musician

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

MICK: Everything’s my fault, i always get the blame!