Keep It Real


Non Nah Wiser

FAULT: What’s the story behind Non Nah Wiser?

Non Nah Wiser is all about living life to the fullest enjoying every moment and having fun at any time possible. I try and learn as much as I can because Knowledge is Power. My lyrics relate with those who are real and true to themselves, I’m always talking about everyday life and experiences or thoughts that we have.

I stay very close to the ‘Streets Sibling’ team which is also the name of my label and clothing line. It helps to have good people around you and most of us either grew up together or are related but we’re all brothers and sisters I feel. It’s forever growing and people are welcome to it.

FAULT: What’s the creative process when writing new material?

Usually I sit down with my producers and listen to a whole array of tracks and freestyle the first topic which comes to mind depending how the music makes me feel. It’s important you connect with music and not just lay anything over it.

FAULT: Do you write from personal experiences?

Yeah, everything you hear from me is either a personal experience, something I thought about.

FAULT: What is your latest single ‘Keep It Real’ about?

This song means a lot me as it was my first single and the video had a nice spell on TV. Each verse relates to three different stories which I had been involved in. In first verse I remember walking home one day and seeing one of the younger kids sunk in his seat looking frustrated so we talked about why, and I gave my advice. The second verse was about a good friend of mine, she weren’t happy with the way life was going struggling with emotions. From that day we remained close I’d like to think I saved her from doing something terrible. The final verse was direct towards myself and one of close friends reached a Professional status becoming a high roller but still showed me the respect and love by coming through and keeping my head up. Supporting and believing in what my lyrical talent to one day becoming a star.

FAULT: What is the most challenging aspect of being a hip hop artist?

I think what we struggle with most is the fact that in UK commercially it’s a very small market. And sometimes you can get side tracked into thinking doing something completely different is the way forward. Eventually we will be respected commercially for what we do and with the likes of …coming through and shinning a light on the UK it can only rise from here.

FAULT: What did you listening to growing up? Who inspired to take a career?
in Hip Hop? My favourite artist is Nas and growing up I listen to him a lot as I still do now. But first my experience I remember was hearing the first Dr Dre album when it had just been released, while my mum was cleaning the house and from then I’ve always loved Hip Hop.

FAULT: How do you prepare yourself before a live show?

Doing live shows is the best feeling. We generally chill out me and the rest of the Streets Sibling’s and joke around winding each other up.  We seem to do that a lot, just have fun with it you know enjoy every moment.

Admittedly we rehearse non stop to perfect the show as I take my DJ Mass C to most events. He’s cool. We like to bring different dimensions to the show so at times he’ll do is scratching an show off mixing other well known tracks and I just vibe with it. You still feel the nerves but once that first track starts it just take you away.

FAULT: What does 2011 hold for Non Nah Wiser?

The Album. My first album will be completed and released towards the middle of the year. Also with a few more singles before hand along with my new single “I Wish” Out Now on iTunes, haha I had to throw that in there.

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

If you know me close you’ll see I’m very determined,
But it aint a coincidence why these situations occurring,
Coz some see it as pushy so I lay of them, but its always me they call when there dreams are stagnant rotten,
Some know me as Non Nah Wiser,
Some call me ‘The Next Of Kin’,
I just want the best for all my people man,
And I appreciate all those listening…..

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