Hammer & Tongs preview

Film Director Garth Jennings and Producer Nick Goldsmith aka: Hammer & Tongs feature in FAULT Magazine winter 2010…coming soon

FAULT: Do you have a favourite music video of your own?

Nick: I think mine is Supergrass, Pumping on Your Stereo, but that’s partly because the shoot was so much fun.

Garth: The one that jumped out when I watched it back was Badly Drawn Boy when Joan Collins is in the bath. It still looks quite simple and sweet, I don’t know if it’s my favourite but it’s better than I remember it.

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

Garth: I have an infinite list that I can pick from. My biggest FAULT since I was a child was being easily distracted. Seriously I’ll forget why I’ve come into a room.

Nick: I’ll come clean,  I don’t always clean up after the dog. It’s very rare but it’s something I’m never going to not do again…I do feel better for coming clean.