Imperia Staffieri

Tell us about your photographic style.

My style has been defined before as “clean”. I think this is because I’ve always wanted to follow what  names like Avedon, Lindbergh or Demarchelier have done…just high fashion, no fuss.

Tell us about your creative background.

After two years of photography school in Milan I have been very lucky to assist a number of great photographers. This has given me the opportunity to learn what really happens on big productions sets, to travel and to meet a lot of people. A few years later I decided it was time to undertake my own career so I moved to London searching for new inspiration and that is where I’m based now.

Do you have a all time favourite image?

‘Dovima with Elephants’ by Richard Avedon…pure elegance.

What are you currently working on?

I have some interesting projects coming up but most of all I am really focused on finding myself a good agent to represent me.

What is your FAULT?

I have ornithophobia…I would never be able to do a shoot inspired by Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’ !!!

Photographer:  Imperia Staffieri

Model              :   Elena @ Profile 

Stylist              :   Crystal Deroche

Make up artist:  Diana Asherson          [email protected]

Hair stylist       :  Ciara McCarthy 

Thanks to

One Life Photography London Studio