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FAULT is a fairly new quarterly magazine augmented by an annual limited edition hardback book published out of London. The magazine came about when a group of young creatives with a bold vision secured the support of an entrepreneurial publisher with a background in high-end limited edition books on art, design, collectibles and luxury objects. FAULT addresses a young intelligent creative audience with a precocity that they are probably likely to share with the talent running it.


Sophisticated, hip and knowing – perhaps a little too knowing at times- its feel is sleek, professional and lavish and is almost certainly likely to strike a chord with its target audience. Focussing on fashion, music, celebrity, photography and other creative disciplines, it offers a grown-up clarity in its structure and art direction that leans towards the classic fashion magazine aesthetic with a young twist. There is no agonised attempt to be interestingly anti-social or painfully weird here; it’s about and for people with aspirations within the tried and tested structures of blue-chip media. Furthermore, despite the youth of the editorial team – and indeed many of the younger talents it profiles – it’s already proven itself fully capable of pulling in some weighty contributors and meaty content.