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Winter 2010 —

Fault’s editors Stephanie and Nina Geoghegan draw our attention to their focus on creative collaborations in their opening address of this issue – husband and wife punky psychedelia Von Haze and artists Jake and Dinos Chapman, for example- though the result is actually a lot more of an eclectic amalgam than a disciplined focus on the topic. What is particularly notable about Fault, very clearly demonstrated in this issue, is that it is now rare to see a magazine that gives equal weight to fashion and music cultures. Harking back to the heydays of magazines like The Face or Blitz, there is something refreshing about the way in which Fault’s young editorial team keep musicians on the same centre stage as fashion.
On the whole, the fashion has a restrained grown-up quality to its presentation that, as in the old 1980’s fave titles, was often a little out of synch with the edgy fanzine quality to the music coverage.

Art also plays a large part in this issue ranging from the interview with The Chapman Brothers on one end of the international art established artist spectrum through to young talent.