Marcus Cotten

Marcus Cotten is a Musician and Visual artist from portland,oregon…He makes Music,Photography,Film,and Visual Art under the name “Channel in Channel out”


How has 2010 been for you Marcus?

2010 has been a little different then any other year for me so far and it also has been a little bit of a adventure i am just not quite sure where things are going to take me…2010 has been kind of a year where i tried some new things creatively but also it has been kind of fun year finding new directions and new possibilities…On the grim side of things in 2010 there has been some dead ends on some things which have lead to new possiblities if you look it it from a optimistic point of view…i can’t complain though right now its fall so its a good time to ask me how is 2010…2010 for me almost means the adventure of new things

You are a Musician, photographer,film-maker and artist. How do you differentiate each medium?

I have been asking myself whether i am in control of that or not? Most of the ideas i have are usually ascending from each other so in my head  i like to think of them as a whole or unit and not differentiate them too much when i think about creating….My project channel in channel out was born with that kind of a thought process in mind somewhat.

What can we expect to see from you in 2011?

hmm in 2011, well the last time we spoke i was starting a new film and music project and now i am close to finishing that project *fingers crossed*. Hopefully it all goes well and then i plan to show the short film in 2011..I also plan to release the music from the film along with other songs from the same album “officially”.There are a few things i actually plan on getting to in 2011 i have also got 2 albums worth of music i am really excited about releasing which will all be accompanied by my photography.So hopefully i can get some of these things out there in 2011
What was the last thing you were inspired by?

the last thing i found inspiring was architecture..a book on minimalist architecture i am reading to be exact…i also have been enjoying the patterns in things lately.The patterns in living, the patterns in mathematics, and the patterns in developement which brings me back to architecture of all kinds.

what are you currently listening to?  i am listening to my mind tell me marcus give it a rest for awhile,but i am ignoring it..Musically though: iannis xenakis “orchestral works”,”electronic works” alexandre desplat “Birth film score”Otis Redding “1960’s hits”Bogdan Raczynski “my love i love”The Radio Dept. “pet grief” Jonny Greenwood “there will be blood film score”High Places “High Places”Ariel Pink “Haunted Grafiti 5″John Cage “prepared piano pieces”Witold lutoslawski “String Quartets”Alfred Schnittke “String Quartets”Gyorgy Ligeti    “String Quartets”Phillip Glass “The Secret Agent film Score”and IllusionistsAutechre “Move of Ten”MUM “Yesterday was dramatic today is ok”Liars “Drums not dead”

What is your FAULT?

it is my fault that i see 1 orange rectangle, and 1 blue rectangle, and 1 green rectangle, and 1 black rectangle…Now that is 4 rectangles. if you connect them together you have a square with no outlets or exits and if you stare right through the middle of the square you see just one infinite hole or universe or a number of possibilities…The colored rectangles making up the square are constantly changing positions around the square.