The pain for girls

FAULT: What’s the story behind The pain for girls ? How did you meet?

Tommy: The pain for girls is one concept. The purpose of starting is to do creative activities widely. Not only music, but also fashion, pictures, books, movies ?even the ones that I haven’t even meet yet?. I have interest in all of those magnificent arts. Those arts give me very good inspiration.

FAULT: What is the creative process of your music?

Tommy: First, I build up the image of music that I have in my head. Then I playback the music in my head to think in a objective view. By doing that, I can understand how I feel objectively. After that, I add the synthesizer, voice, and noise to create the sound.

FAULT: Who has been your biggest musical influence?

Tommy: Quite a lot of arts have gave me inspiration…but specially the arts that are called “Minimal music”, “No wave”, and “New wave” have gave me great influence. Such as the way they act, and they’re attitude toward art. In fact, I like electronic, dreamy and catchy music too.

FAULT: Who would you love to collaborate with and why?

Tommy: I have a will to do it with different kinds of people now. For example, if the person was a videographer or photographer, it doesn’t matter. That’s because, if the person was able to raze ourselves, it can be a chance to make fabulous experiences. Recently I’m planning to have a recording with a friend of mine called Nico, before he goes to Paris to study visual art; who is doing a band called “Velveljin” in Japan. I’m looking forward to it.  And participates in the band named “The Swallow”.

FAULT: Do you have a favourite track of all time ?

Tommy: Well…though it’s not a track, “Surfer rosa” of Pixies and “Psychocandy” of The Jesus & Mary Chain, I like them just like other people.

FAULT: What are you working on at the moment?

Tommy: I continue working on creation activity now while earning money to buy a machine part. Hereafter, it is necessary to look for label to be able to act together. Actually, there are not necessarily so many bases of the art in Japan. Only the entertainment is emphasized. Though I thinks as have changed little by little recently. It will change more in the future.

FAULT: What do you think of new music?

Tommy: There are several types of music overflowing in the world now. And it’s easy to feel saturated. However their music has the possibility to become a new composition by remaking it. Further the less, I think the attitude toward it is more important. That means, the music must be born from that crack for the next generation of music.

FAULT: Do you have a favourite artist?

Tommy: I like movies of Jean-Luc Godard and Leos Carax very much. Luis Bunuel,Also. I like Marcel Duchamp and Albert Camus works too.  In addition, there are a lot of favorite people all over the world.  I will respect all creative people.

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

Tommy:  dreaminess and a creature of moods in the perfectionism.