Muso Fantasma

FAULT: Tell us about Muso Fantasma?

Pedro: Muso Fantasma is just the name of what we do, a mix of sounds, images and words and it needs a lot of inspiration.

Adriana: Muso Fantasma was born from my love for MUSIC,and my fascination with Pedro’s lyrics. These are extremely powerful, very strong and romantic and at the end brilliantly honest. For me both things are Muso Fantasma. I use MUSIC for exorcise my demons. And this is why i love createing sounds,when I play them, I don’t need anything else, i’m happy just playing.

FAULT: How did you both meet?

Adriana:  After blind stepping several times I found Pedro. Before that, I knew him only for his voice in my cd player.

Pedro: In Barcelona, in a friend´s house that we had in common.

FAULT: You have great images, who takes the pictures for Muso Fantasma?

Pedro: 99,9% Adriana

Adriana: Thank you.

FAULT: Who has been your biggest musical inspiration?

Pedro: These inspirations are many and very different, I never had my own Collection, I always have friends who show me bands, they share their music with me.

Adriana: I don’t have enough blank pages to write all my musical inspirations, but I can say I’m a girl of songs not bands. The Fall, Gun club, Joy division, Six finger satellites, Chrome, The blue orchids, Dios, Parálisis Permanente, Mazzy star, Bauhaus,  Velvet Underground, Foetus, Led zeppelin,  Lydia Lunch, The chameleons, Birthday Party, Magazine, Swans, Leben und Arbeiten…they give me wonderful moments… no wave’s compilations, brasilian post-punk, old black music,  balcan’s tradicional music, Tango, Noise Rock, some synth’s sounds, garage…

I like songs who can make feel emotions in any form, with any instrument, from any cortner of the World, whatever the style is, of any age but at the perfect moment.

FAULT: What is it like being a band based in Spain?

Adriana: A band in Spain can do anything it wants, they have chances, places to play, record companys, but all this is not what Muso Fantasma needs,  we’re an isolated and self-sufficient band with a virtual public.

Pedro: We are not exacly a band, our music is very intimate,  we make everything at home, we are not interested on shows, we don´t agree with the ambience of music and the artistic World in general.

Although sometimes we thing completly the opposite and we wanna go out to kick stages.

FAULT: FAULT Magazine loves the track Chacal, what is it about?

Pedro: This lyric is just a fragment  of something I was writing that was so much longer, a kind of narrated poetry with a lot of interpretations.

Adriana: Pedro knowns this better, but for me is about the abuses of the oligarchy over the crowd and finally over the subject, speaking in a methaphore about the hunters and hunteds.

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

Adriana: I had a catholic education at school, a free education at home, sometimes I punish myself for what I am and hardly never need to apologize to nobody.  I hate all my fobias.

Pedro: I still don´t speak english.