FAULT Magazine Exclusive

FAULT Magazine Exclusive:

Interview with The Last Exorcism stars Patrick Fabian (Rev Cotton Marcus) & Ashley Bell (Nell)

FAULT: How did you both become involved with The Last Exorcism?

Ashley Bell: My agent presented me with the script. It’s funny because in the call back they actually had me doing exorcisms in the room, I asked to lie on the carpet and there I was contorting, riding around, screaming and having this man summon this devil out of me, all before my morning coffee mind you… I just thought to myself “my parents would be so proud!” I my guess my parents are the best people to ask if I’m right to play a possessed girl in a movie. I can honestly say as soon as I read the script and the more I learned about Nell I just knew that I wanted the part, she is such a complex character and demanded so much research, that is one my favourite things about being an actress

Patrick Fabien: Yeah, pretty much the same for me, I was called in and asked to perform a 10 minute sermon in front of pretty much one person, which was the director Daniel Stamm. I went away and Daniel said yes you have the part. I actually already had the part before I had even read the script. They told us that hundreds of people had auditioned for the part. It’s always so much nicer to hear that after you have the part. My mothers side is Irish, so telling stories and giving speeches is not too far from home for me, playing a preacher is always fun. I think that being a good actor and a good preacher are pretty much part of the same cloth, someone who is willing to stand up on stage and say “look at me and listen to me. I know the way…and I would like 20 bucks!”

FAULT: How was it working with Daniel Stamm for the first time?

Ashley: The atmosphere that Daniel created just felt so safe and it felt easy to jump into character every morning. He was great to work with because he asked for our input and our ideas. He is a wonderful person to work with and an amazing director.

FAULT: What research did you do you prepare for the part?

Ashley Bell: I listened to tapes of exorcisms, I got a chance to watch some videos and I read every book I could find that hadn’t been band. Daniel gave me the hope that she might not be possessed and might just be going through a mental break down so I got a chance to research hysterias, manias and post traumatic stress and thing s like that.

FAULT: Patrick, you wasn’t’ aware that Ashley was double jointed until filming? How did you react?

Patrick: Everything that Ashley does in the film she does when Daniel says “action!” and that was such a gift to the other actors because I don’t have to act, I was generally scared, and you’re like “No! Don’t do that!” and you want to help her, the fact that we shot it in this close, hot barn. It’s a very intense scene. I can’t thank Ashley enough for being such a pro and pulling off such a wonderful gift.

FAULT: Do you have a favourite scene from the movie?

Ashley: The second exorcism scene was a lot of fun.

Patrick: Yeah fun for you!

Ashley: The motel scene was also a great scene. I think that scene was about 36 takes and my first time really working together with Daniel.

Patrick: I really enjoyed the preacher scene.

FAULT: Do like horror movies?

Ashley: I love horror movies! After watching the movie for the first time I was so surprised with what a smart film it is. I mean Daniel and Eli so beautifully manipulate the audience just right where they want them and before you know it you’re right under you head. I generally believe that it is a new bread of horrors movies.

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

Patrick Fabien: Well Ashley’s FAULT is that she is too pretty! My FAULT is that I’m a selfish driver. I’m that asshole that you shout “What are you doing!?”  Whether I’m going too fast or too slow, I am that guy.

Ashley Bell: My FAULT is that I just get obsessively organised at times. I will go on this organising binge where I buy binders, compartments and containers…Patrick Fabien: I believe that’s called OCD.

The Last Exorcism is in cinema’s now