FAULT:  What is the most challenging aspect of being a musician?
Los Steaks:
the impossibility of getting your music to the audience you want. being ignored by these labels (in our case independent) you admire when you think the material is good … say that the misunderstanding.
FAULT: Tell us about your musical background? How was it growing up in Spain?
Los Steaks:
although all of us from the teenage years playing in different punk bands. Los Steaks began like a solo-project of mine (ander) in 2008.
what to grow a project like Los Steaks in Spain is very difficult. the underground is very poor, people just eat it less risky, there are very few interesting independent labels. everything has to belong to any particular style, so that projects with an eclectic character are automatically rejected, are allowed only imitations of other bands. in the U.S.A. is where most people are interested in us, is something that pleases us if see the market there.
FAULT: Who has been your biggest influence?
Los Steaks:
in terms of music the Beach Boys and the Velvet Underground, and of course the Modern Lovers and The Clean.
but in attitude, The Beat Happening and the whole bit DIY. American literature as Raymond Carver … too.have to say internet, too.

FAULT: Are you inspired by music? If so what are you currently listening to?
Los Steaks:
of course! Although buying a lot of actual music, what I hear most are old things that make feel good. when it comes to writing I like to hear different things and suggest different feelings, from Roy Orbison to Neu!. the current scene, you could say I like underground bands such as, the Bitters … but lie if not name, even if the time hype,  Wavves and Dum Dum Girls.
FAULT: What does an average day for you involve?
Los Steaks:
would be a sum of shitty works, watch tv garbage, some pre-cooked food. rehearse with The Steaks, home, internet to see if anyone was interested in your music … all with a mixture of caffeine and weed …luckily I have a very understanding partner … hahahahah!
FAULT: We love your song Sunday Girls. What is it about?
Los Steaks:
thank you very much! is a song that tells a narrative a series of meetings between a guy who is a mess (which could be any of us) and the girls found on sundays in a park when he returned after weekend binges. I wrote so that was the closest, but it is a metaphor, how it is usually when you’re stroking desired but do not get to take definitive steps, to be aware of if you do not do it now, you will not do it ever.
FAULT: What is your favourite Los Steaks track?
Los Steaks:
when I write I like some more than others, everything changes when you recorded and if you gave to arrangements that favor. and there’s another twist when you start to see the audience reaction, that if someone tell you that suggests something or other … this is the test that makes you think you got what you wanted …
all and none would be the right answer!

FAULT: Who would you love to collaborate with and why?
Los Steaks:
no doubt, I would like to work in collaboration with Calvin Johnson, is an underground icon who always admired. but it would be interesting to listen some Los Steaks stuff produced by… Richard Gottehrer or someone like that, but I think we have a little far … work with Woodsist Records, Gonner Records, or Captured Tracks Records would be something really satisfying for us, too.

FAULT: What is your FAULT?
Los Steaks:
perhaps we are too ambitious, though it is in the field of independent music.

Hear More: http://www.myspace.com/lossteaks