FAULT Favourites

FAULT Magazine’s one’s to watch for 2011 are a  South West Based band Mixing a indie/rock feel with acoustic sounds stripping back music to its most naked

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FAULT: What is the most challenging aspect of being a musician?

Dave & Lee: Trying to come up with new ideas changing your sound and direction from song to song

John: keeping up with the other 2’s standards in the band as they are both very talented on guitar and song writing

FAULT: Tell us about your musical background? How was it growing up in Swindon?

Dave: learned to play guitar very young as my dad played so think i got the influence from there.

Lee: Started playing guitar when i was about eleven and joined my first band when i was 17 and haven’t really looked back since

John: I only picked up a guitar a couple of years ago and this is really the first proper band I’ve been in worth talking about. Only really got into music at the ripe old age of 28. I grew up in Burnley so was to busy picking coal to worry about music

FAULT: Who has been your biggest influence?

Dave: probably Nirvana hence I get told off for writing depressing songs

Lee: Lennon and McCartney

John: I’d like to say Lee to make him feel better however i have to say my biggest influence is the legend that is Mr Noel (should be sir) Gallagher

FAULT: Are you inspired by new music? If so what are you currently listening to?

Dave: Really in to 30 seconds from mars at the moment that fact they seem to be always changing there direction from album to album but not loosing the core that makes their music

John: For me it’s a band called 12 Dirty Bullets they are awesome how they are not a massive band already is ridiculous

FAULT: We love your song Molly. What is it about?

Dave: Molly was written over 14 years ago and was basically about how society judge you either by looks or attitude without even knowing you

FAULT: What is your favourite Blackwaters track?

Dave: No Longer In Existence new tracks to be recorded we went more out side our usual comfort zone and sound!

Lee: Silver spoons at the moment, it’s a different sounding song to normal and I get to play on the keyboard on that track

John: I think all our songs are amazing in they’re own way so cant really pick out one in particular

FAULT: What is the best thing about playing live?

Dave: Just freedom really, you’re away from all the worries or issues in your life nothing really matters but the music your playing

Lee: the Audience reaction to the music

John: There are not many feelings about that can match hearing people sing along with you whether its 10 people or a 110 people, i love it!!!!

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

Dave: obsessive and stubborn just cant seem to let anything just be, when it comes to music i have the vision of how I would like to be and cant let it go till it gets there

Lee: time keeping, just seem to loose track of time

John: Not getting into music sooner. I love the freedom of being onstage with all the eyes on you, and the fact i left it so late to get into is a massive issue in my head