Dmitry Nechaev

FAULT: Tell us about your new album?

I think IGNIS FATUUS represents a big part of my life. It is a sort of a major synopsis of what I am trying to bring in the music culture. It turns out, that all the metaphors I’ve been going through are reflected in its core. I believe that makes the listener travel from one state to another, gathering pieces of ideas into their own artwork. It has a good deal of drive and tension but at the same time remains quite philosophical and deep.

FAULT: What was the creative process?

It was overwhelming! It took me about two years to bring the idea of the album to live in the way I was aiming to. The process turned into a big story full of ups and downs. In fact the release of the album was half-year delayed, as I was running through some health issues. When there were only three songs left to record I caught cold, and it somehow caused serious complications on my vocals – I wasn’t able to sing for over two months. Hopefully, special trainings and therapies did well and I recovered, but I have to admit that at some point I was really scared not to be able to sing again.
FAULT:  What is the most challenging aspect of being a musician?

For me it is learning to perceive my music as something one wants to bring in the masses. Not to be afraid of being unique and different in any aspect of creativity I may touch upon. The thing is there is a great deal of clichés and standards out there, commonly taken as incontestable precepts one has to follow in order to succeed. Fortunately, that’s not true)
FAULT: Tell us about your musical background? How was it growing up in Russia?

I guess I had a bright childhood. I’ve always received great support from my parents. I think they encouraged me not to be afraid of being a pioneer in any sphere of my life, to be different. Even though I grew up in Russia I was listening mostly to foreign bands of the 80’s like Duran Duran, Pet Shop Boys, Tears for Fears, A-ha. They really took a great part in my musical upbringing. I started singing and song writing much earlier the day when I first attended any classes of vocals and solfeggio. Well, that’s me. I usually search and discover everything for myself first, find my own explanations and only then go for some real study. Thus I have perfectly assumed the key points of the music I want to create and the way it should be presented, and then just applied some actual knowledge to that.

FAULT: Who has been your biggest influence?

Of all the musicians I have ever got a chance to listen to, Akira Yamaoka has actually been the one to make the major difference. Not only he determined my music style, but also the fact that he was doing all the writings and recordings by himself, actually made me start trying to bind sounds together. I can’t even describe that feeling when someone opens the door in your mind letting you know of the possibilities you could never imagine. And that was it for me. I took a guitar, plugged in and started recording some of his covers first then slightly moved on to creating something of my own.
FAULT: Are you inspired by music? If so what are you currently listening to?

I certainly am, in fact I’m inspired by any kind of art I come across. But music carries some sort of a unique energy that I perceive and that somehow influences me to move on. I think I’m getting obsessed with French music – Gregory Lemarchal with his unique sense of vocals, Mozart L’Opera Rock. I’m not really into musicals but this one is brilliant! Also Fever Ray, there is something peculiar about the sound, something very shamanistic..
FAULT: What does an average day for you involve?

Every new day I face is never the same. One thing is for sure, schedule? – not in my life! I can’t stick to one longer than for a couple of days. I need freedom both physically and ideologically. But I do stick to some major activities such as choreography and vocal classes, gym, and writing stuff for my scientific dissertation in the field of modern culture… tough, ain’t it?)

FAULT: What is your favourite track off the new album?

Secret Love is definitely the one. In fact this song is the climax, the turning point of the whole album. It is me standing up against society’s cultural aversion, outbreaks of its gross diseases such as racism and xenophobia. It has been composed under a great pressure of thoughts kicking up in my spirit. The whole diversity of ideas exposed in lyrics is verbalized in the sound allowing one to read between the lines and get to the essential point.

FAULT: Who would you love to collaborate with and why?

With creative and open people who are aiming to bring something in this world, something more than just a bunch of ordinary clichés. With those who are not afraid to take a stand for what they believe in.

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

I believe in humanity..