Emerald Couture

Emerald Couture proudly presented by Gregory Jewellers

Emerald Couture is an experiment in collaborative matchmaking and a platform for a new kind of creative synthesis of art, fashion, and performance propelled by the idea of founder and creative director Emily Fitzgerald. An international fashion model turned artist, Fitzgerald initiates partnerships between leading designers and artists to develop one-off couture garments and ready-to-wear art collections. In spaces transformed by large-scale art installations, Emerald Couture creates innovative musical and theatrical performances to celebrate this unique melding of art and fashion.

The dynamic vitality that guides Emerald Couture is reflected in the luxurious exploration of colour and style of the garments, while the unique visions of a selected range of artists and designers are juxtaposed or coalesced to create a coherent harmony of individual expressive voices.

Thank you beautiful designers and artists: Anto, Eduardo Wolfe-Alegria, Susan Andrews, Juz Kitson, Mies Nobis, Parris Dewhurst, Lara Merrett, Phoenix Keating, photographer Jessica Klingelfuss, make-up by Amy Sartorel and Johnny from Prema Hair. Thank you models Elin and Isabella from Priscillas.

Words by Bethany Small