Tom Green Exclusive FAULT Magazine Interview

Tom Green plays the Greenwich Comedy Festival tonight –

FAULT: How’s the tour been so far?

Tom Green: It’s been amazing! I’m having such a great time, the most fun I have ever had. I’ve been on tour for nine months now and I have been all over the world, from Canada to Australia and now I’m here in the UK. It’s been a big project for me to take on because I have always really wanted to do this. I have done stand up before but never as full on as this every day. I get a great adrenaline rush from being up on stage and experiencing life in a different way, I’ve never  felt anything like this before, so yeah it’s been really good?

FAULT: You have been on tour since January, how do you keep your shows and material fresh?

Tom Green: You just keep writing as you go, I’m always writing new stuff down and always moving forward. This is the first time I have ever done a big show like this, so I want to keep pushing myself.  I don’t want to be in a situation where I’m telling the same jokes for 5 years. What I want to do at the end of the year is put it all out on a comedy special and then I’m going to re-write a whole new show.  I’m constantly thinking of new and funny ideas and I’ll just write them all in my phone and then every couple of weeks I’ll sit down at a computer, go through my phone and just try to make sense of it all. I also have some friends that have been comedy writers for 20 years. I sit down with them and run some ideas past them, chop it up a little and try and make it as funny as possible.

The show seems to evolve every night as well, I don’t go out there and put on a different show every night, It’s all very structured, I don’t want it to look structured when I am on stage but it is, I do adlib a lot as well but it’s structured in a way where if things start to go wrong, which they can occasionally, I can just go right back to where I was.

FAULT: Being Canadian, do you see a big difference in American and British humour?

Tom Green: There is definitely a huge difference. I’m pretty much English myself, we have the Queen on our money. I grew up watching Monty Python, I watched it every day and I loved it. I think Canadian humour can get meshed into American humour because a lot of Canadians move to America, so people get mixed up thinking that they are American. I think that American humour is a lot more aggressive. Being Canadian is a lot different to being American first off, we almost have this natural insecurity and nobody knows who we are, it’s this kind of little brother complex. But I think that is why Canadian comedians do so well in America because we sort of stand out little bit.

FAULT: Your stand up show incorporates a lot about modern day technology, Are you on any social media networks?

Tom Green: I have a Twitter and facebook, I’ve already cancelled it like three times, I’m not going to be on it a year from now, that is how long it has taken me to wean myself off of it. I just became addicted to it, just like I’m addicted to lots of things I’m still trying to wean myself off of. I have been immersed in technology my whole life, before most people. In high school I would make music on keyboards and computers and I’d create all this stuff in my basement, so when the internet started I was right there. I have had since 1996 and since then I have been blogging away, years before I was on MTV. Because I have been on the internet for so long I think I can see some of the pit falls a lot more clearly more so then people that are just getting into facebook…which is everybody. Now all of sudden everybody is out there posting videos, making comments, this is very odd to me because I have been doing that for the past 15 years, you know, putting myself out there and having people comment on you, critique you and criticize you. Personally I don’t think it is all it’s cracked up to be. Now we have the entire world doing it and slowly we are seeing people progressively freaking out more and more by it, which I find quite interesting. I have some jokes about how marriages and friendships are affected by it. I get into it a lot more in my show.

Tom Green: Do you think you’re funny?

FAULT: I definitely used to when I was in high school because when you’re younger you have this inner energy and this attitude. I was constantly running around trying to be a goofball, it just sort of becomes who you are.

I even got suspended from school. I was suspended for telling off colour jokes in assembly, I told a few jokes with a few swear words in them, I was up there and just thought “fuck it! I’m going for it” sometimes you need to say those shocking words to get a laugh, it was worth it.

It’s hard to say you think you’re funny. However you have to think you’re funny to be able to do stand up comedy, I mean I don’t go around telling people I’m funny I just go around and do what I do. It’s tiring sometimes being on the road, when you don’t feel funny and it’s something that becomes a little bit more mechanical and you have to do certain things to make sure you’re funny before you go on stage.

FAULT: Can it sometimes feel like hard work?

Tom Green: For sure, it’s like organised spontaneity. There is a lot of planning involved, it’s not really fun planning it. The fact is, there is a lot of hard work involved. That’s why sometimes you just don’t feel funny and that’s why it’s taking me like 15 minuets to answer this question… but at the end of the day, yes I think I’m funny!

FAULT: Are you excited about you’re first London show?

Tom Green: Yeah it’s only taken me 9 months to get here. It’s fun to be here a few days early and talk to people and pick up a few little things, I’ll slip some new material that I’ve picked up on my travels into my show; it makes it a bit more personal for the audience.

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

Tom Green: I get too stressed out, I over think things and I work myself up.