Wei-Chieh Shih: Time to LASER suit up!

By: Melodie Duperval

Look at what we’ve discovered! Its a futuristic “200 LD Stage Suit” made by Taiwanese designer, Wei-Chieh Shih. With creative expertise in digital art, installation, and sound design, Wei has invented this costume made of 200 laser diodes attached to a nylon jacket that covers the wearer’s upper torso. (we can definitely picture Lady GAGA sporting this light attraction at one of her concerts!)

Here’s how it works:

The lasers are positioned in all different directions on the jacket, so when the wearer has it on the lasers will be able to produce an epic light extravaganza for you and onlookers close by!

Yea sure, in the daylight the costume looks like a spiky concoction reminiscent of the dinosaur age, but when night falls–get ready to see RED laser beams fill up your area. With this suit, you’re just begging to be the center of attention–all eyes on you!