Photographer Christian Thum

FAULT: Who is Christian Thum?

Christian: Christian Thum does not exist – have you seen fight club?

FAULT: How did your career start?

Christian: When I was 16 years old I started to work as a bricklayer in a small village in the Black Forest. Some years later I recognized that this job was not the fulfillment. At the age of 19 after a few months of confusing and thinking about what to do I started my training as a photographer. Suddenly everything went very fast … Four years later, I got my first catalog shoot in Cape Town. Then I moved to Hamburg and a year later to Berlin where I still live.

FAULT: Who do you think is the most photogenic person?

Christian: My view on this topic is a more pragmatic one. Every picture serves for a special purpose. Because of that there are no special photogenic people to me. The model with which Im working during the shooting is the most photogenic person for that moment.

FAULT: Who is your favorite photographer? past and present?

Christian: Helmut Newton – for the past and present.

FAULT: What camera do you use?

Christian: Most jobs I shoot with digital SLRs. Sometimes with an analog “Beroquick KB 135” which was built in East Germany in the former DDR. But I cannot use it for commercial photos..

FAULT: What are you currently working on?

Christian: At the moment I work mostly for international e-commerce Fashion companys. This is a very interesting business. And on my LP, whiskey and my book collection – these are all very nimportant for me …

The Definition of X from Christian Thum on Vimeo.

FAULT: Digital or film?

Christian: Sometimes I wish that were are no digital cameras … I think  50% of those who earn money with fahion photography today would loose their jobs overnight if they had no PC to correct the faults in their pictures they had taken.. But for me the medium plays no special role. I love both!

FAULT: What is your ‘FAULT’?

Christian: A weakness for beautiful women and old whiskey.

Hommage an Liszt from Christian Thum on Vimeo.