Petrou \\ Man : Gives a Sneak Preview of Tomorrow’s Hipster

By: Melodie Duperval

We just have to mention, Petrou\Man designer Nicolas Petrou’s, sophomore collection for Fall 2010. His current collection is inspired by the nomads and their many journeys that accompany them. Petrou treated each piece of the collection as a form of art representing the many different travels of his main inspiration. Weaving together the different worlds of patterns and fabrics, the designer was able to clearly express the juxtaposition of tradition with the happenings of tomorrow.  Oh and lets not forget the super-talented fashion stylist Robbie Spencer, who once again, brilliantly communicated the designer’s inspiration in form of a perfect fashion week presentation.

Designed for Tomorrow’s Hipster.

Obviously we already know what the modern-day Hipster looks and acts like. Imagine if we could get a glimpse of the Hipster of the future? Petrou has definitely given us a sneak preview of what is to come for the Haute Indie.

The designer has added touches of metal in the collection, in particular, silver and gold safety pins strategically bunched together to maximize bother texture and shine. This metallic technique can be seen on the lapels of the tailored jackets for a subtle shimmer effect, and even as chic designs on t-shirts that appear oh-so- eye catching. Guys, you might want to get a head start on your own journey of style—tomorrow is never far!