FAULT: Tell us the about the creators of Lovebites?

NAT: We are two multi-instrumentalists, Lee and Natalie, from Birmingham and Manchester, respectively, but mainly based in Leeds

LEE: The idea of LOVEBITES is it’s a Gothic New Wave duo. The tracks tend to encompass Electroclash, post-punk and dark wave elements whilst still, hopefully remaining catchy and danceable.

FAULT: What is the creative process of your music?

NAT: Lee records and produces the tracks. We write the lyrics and record the vocal parts together.

LEE: I sequence the drums, write and record the guitar parts. The synth parts are mainly performed by Nat.

FAULT: Tell us about your musical background?

LEE: About a year go we formed a 4-piece band called Dead Sea Colour, which is a bleak, noisey, Shoegaze-type affair and

proceeded to have a fair bit of success

NAT: Yeh, we played gigs all over the country but it cooled off a bit a few months ago because people had other commitments and other projects so we formed LOVEBITES and started to down this Gothic New Wave/Electroclash route.

FAULT: What are you working on at the moment?

NAT: At the moment we’re looking to polish off our first EP. All the tracks are in place but we just need to record a few more vocal parts and do some final mixing.

LEE: We’re also looking to start a LOVEBITES RMX project. We know a lot of really good local bands and are looking to remix a few of their tracks and possibly release that. It’s only speculation at the moment though.

FAULT: What was the first album that you bought?

LEE: – Bleach – Nirvana i believe

NAT: Different Class – Pulp

FAULT: is there anyone you like to collaborate with?

LEE: Probably Richard Fearless. He’s one of my favourite producers. His work with Dark Horses is great.

NAT: David Bowie… which is entirely likely.

FAULT: What are you looking forward to?

NAT: Christmas

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

LEE: How long have you got?

NAT: Mainly Gin.

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