"Future Perfect"

By Sarah Klose

Visualize a person who sits in the background of a dance hall and is looking on a choreographer at the same time, while she tries to notice and watch how this one is dealing with transformations and how they afterwards process this in the movements of a show.

Then this is exactly that what designer Denise Esser did for her graduation collection “Future Perfect” and what inspired her – the language of dance.

The colours of the fabrics, which Denise used for her pieces are quite simple; black, grey and white, what makes it more possible to focus on all details like nails, fur elements or pins, without being deflected by any colours.

In the first moment when you see all of her creations in its entirety, everything gives a perfect and coherent view, but upon closer examination you perceive the hundreds of nails and pins at the arms of one of the outfits. First it was a little bit strange and so unusual, but I immediately was stunned in a positiv way by this finishing touch what gives the jacket a personal character.

Geometrical shapes were also an essential part of her collection including big accessories in the same format.

Denise Esser who is only 24 years old, is still at the beginning of her career and took part in the Frans Molenaar Prijs show during the AIFW. What we can further expect from her is still unsure, but she made a really good first step into the fashion world.

Photos By Sarah Klose