FAULT Magazine featured Roos van der Kamp

By Sarah Klose

Roos van der Kamp, the designer behind the Label Roparosa, presented her latest collection ‘Come out and Play’ at the AIFW for the first time after she won the dutch edition of Project Catwalk this year.

The 25-year-old Roos founded her label already in 2007 and brought out her third collection now, consisting of soft and strong colours like red, blue, yellow, brown and white, and characterized by the repeating sharp shoulder forms, which was all in all something very fresh.

For me, her second collection (Catch as Catch Can Part 1) was the most exciting one so far. She played with different and big forms and made the clothes to some striking pieces through that, regardless of whether they are wearable or not. I admire the development to this collection from her first one. It seemed like Roos creativity was totally exploding and coming out while her first pieces still appeared a little bit “safely”.

Roos has that what a good designer needs: individuality, uniqueness and independency, and she is definitely on a good way!

In an interview with Roos I could find out more about her personality and work.

First of all, congratulation that you won the dutch edition of Project Catwalk! Could you tell us a little bit about how you did experience the time there and why you have decided to go this way? What did you expect from that?

Thank you, I am very happy that I won the show. It gave me lots of opportunities I otherwise wouldn’t have had, such as showing at Fashion Week. And that is also the main reason why I decided to enter the competition. I wanted to reach a big public and I wanted to prove myself.

How has your life looked like previously? You already founded your label Roparosa in 2007.

After my graduation as a video artist I got a prize from a Dutch art foundation. With that money I wanted to do what I love the most, designing. So I founded Roparosa. First of all I had many private orders, for example wedding dresses and winter coats. And I also did a lot of customizing of vintage clothing and some work for a theatre. Then I joined designers collective Vezjun* and there I started to sell my own line.

You presented your latest collection ‘Come out and Play’ during the last AIFW. What did you want to express with it and what was the idea behind choosing this name for the line?

I want to excite women to take up a powerful and dynamic lifestyle. I see more and more young people getting serious. I would like them not to forget to play and enjoy their life. The clothing fits easy, but they’re still powerful. I think this is the right combination for young women today.

The whole collection appears to be made out of many different materials. What exactly did you use and why?

I used loose fit materials like jersey and silk for comfort. For the powerful look I used leather and plastics. I like the contrast between both ones.

In your own words, how would you describe your work/collections in general?

My style is best described as comfortable powerdressing. Masculine shapes are combined with a feminine fit and sportswear inspired materials.

Is fashion something you have always been interested in? Could you also imagine to do something else?

I have been making my own clothes since I was sixteen, so it was always my interest. At the Utrecht School of Art I studied Fine Art, because I like lots of directions. After art school I decided to commit to fashion, because it comes natural to me. I never had to even think about designing, I just do it.

Have you ever doubted you might not be good enough, or wouldn’t make it in this business? Or did you maybe get some negative reactions from your family or friends because you’ve selected this way?

I believe in hard work and doing what you love. I think I have been successful, because I am very enthusiastic about my work. I have never really doubted.

Tell us something about yourself and your hobbies, Roos’ personality.

I am always looking for balance in my life. My way of relaxing is to do yoga and pilates. It is very important to me to feel fit. In my spare time I enjoy to see beautiful things, like movies and theatre, that inspire me. And last but not least I like to send time with my friends. Connecting to other people and sharing ideas and experience, is very valuable for me.

Regarding the next time and the future, what are you aspiring to?

Right now I am looking for ways to expand my business. My goal is to have a successful international label.

*Vezjun is a shop in Amsterdam for young designers and fashion students to sell their work.

Photos by Sarah Klose