FAULT Featured: Ben Pakalski

FAULT: Who is Ben Pakalski?

Ben Pakalski: 28 year old photographer, based in Mannheim, Germany, who wants to show all the intense moments, he recently saw through his lense. Trying to climb the long ladder all the way to the top.

FAULT: Do you focus on something special?

Ben Pakalski: Fashion, advertising, people and celebrities – those are the main parts i’m working in as a photographer. Not only in Germany, all over Europe and all over the World. There are (almost) no borders in my work.

But my personal focus definitly is the music- and bandphotography. That’s what i do for years – and i love it! In my opinion there is a special harmony between music and photography, that fits together perfecty. I love to show the individual situations, transport the music into and with my pictures, try to let the viewer see and feel the energy. Working with musicians and artists is impressive on the one hand and creative on the other hand

FAULT: Big names in front of your cam so far?

Ben Pakalski Dita von Teese, Eminem, Pope Benedict XVI., New Model Army, Beth Ditto, Amy Macdonald, Wladimir Klitschko, The Rasmus, The Scorpions, Juliette Lewis, Emilie Autumn, Dúné, Eight Legs, Mel B. Just to drop some names… They’re all waiting for you: just visit my homepage!

And my favorit model for a photoshoot in the future would be Monica Belucci! I would love to shoot with her! What a lovely Lady. In music photography i would really love to work with Madonna, Metallica and Marilyn Manson!

FAULT: Future projects?

Ben Pakalski: Oh, there’s so much to come! Most of them are still secret! But what i can tell you by now: Linkin Park and Korn – in the near future… Stay tuned!

FAULT: What is your ‘FAULT’?

Ben Pakalski: I am very impatient. If i have something in mind, i want it right now! This could be an idea for a shoot, scouting a new location, whatever; especially in my work as a photographer i am really impatient. My best ideas i discover through my dreams. So when i wake up i want to realize all what i just saw! The land of my dreams is so inspiring. And i guess very impatient as well. ;-)

I know that patience sometimes could be helpfull, yes. In my business it could be very helpfull, indeed, because as a photographer you always have to wait for models, stylists, make up artists, location settings – sometimes you wait longer than you’re shooting! But that bit of impatience, that bit of craziness – that’s just me! Live the dream!

Homepage: www.pakalski.de