Anouk Morgan

By Sarah Klose

The dutch photographer Anouk Morgan belongs to my favorite photographers since a very long time and it’s always accompanied by an intensive feeling when I take a look at her pictures. Anouk knows how she have to stage her models for them, even with only using natural light and gives her photos mostly an edgy appearance, or a mysterious atmosphere.

Most of all Anouk loves to work with models who have a strong personality and are full of character. You never get the feeling it’s just only a picture, because every movements of their models appears so real and are not in the least artificially. Although her photos are in fact oftentimes quite simple, she didn’t make it boring to watch them and don’t need much scenery in the backgrounds for expressing their power and meaning. “With photography, I am purely feeding my own obsessions. Intimacy is a big deal to me, I love to combine that with sensuality. It is a lot about exploring femininity.”

Her pictures are telling and have definitely this ‘I just can’t get enough’- factor!