FAULT FEATURED: Independent Designer Abigail Ziering-Dalmedo

Abigail Ziering-Dalmedo is the primary designer for Luna Lacuna and its sister company Keep the Ferret, an ethical and environmentally friendly graphic T-shirt label. Luna Lacuna is more the embodiment of her interest in multi-discipline collaboration and a manifesto of the same rather than a fashion label in the traditional sense and began as a design service dedicated to creating compelling bespoke garments primarily for bands and artists. Boutique collections are now available offering wardrobe staples that retain the quirkiness and rock and roll aesthetics of the one off pieces. These are individually crafted in England and the current collection is stocked by Bengt Fashion in the UK and Fanny & Magdalena Vintage & Mint in Stockholm.

As well as a designer and artist, Abigail is also a singer/songwriter and Twice & In Between for this winter has been inspired by her song of the same name. Originally from Chicago, she has been based in the UK for some time and this is very much a transatlantic narrative exploring duality of experience. There is a nod to 1990’s American grunge in the choice of materials such as jackets constructed from vintage jeans and sweater knit trousers but it is quite conscious of the current UK and European Zeitgeist in cut and silhouette.