FAULT: What’s the story behind 3FoldPain? How did you meet?

Thodoris: 3Fold Pain is a very fresh band formed in late 2009 coming from Athens, Greece. With Effie our story goes back many years, playing together in other bands and trying to create something professional, but we were always feeling that the pieces didn’t fit until we found Anthony! The funny thing is that when we first met him I gave him a track to listen to, in order to decide whether he was interested or not and his first answer was ‘no’.

Effie: We were really disappointed because we really liked his voice! After a few days and some thought Thodoris called him back and told him ‘look man I like your voice so much and I want to create something with you from scratch, so tell me how you imagine it and lets make it happen’. He accepted and from that very moment we started composing together! After a couple of months Fivos joined the group and we told him that he had only three weeks to prepare and record the drums for the EP. I remember he was very stressed about it, but he made it! After a lot of hard work and days and nights in the studio, we managed to release our debut EP “Don’t Trust Them” in June of 2010.

FAULT: What is the creative process of your music?

Anthony: It usually starts from a basic melody that Thodoris gives me recorded, on which I try to put my voice, making many alternative vocal lines. Later on and after having listened to those variations carefully we pick up the best of them. Fivos and Effie compose their own parts and at that point the basic melody becomes a song. Finally, we make improvements, or add some details during the rehearsals and so the song takes its final form!

FAULT: Who has been your biggest musical influence?

Thodoris: I guess each one of us has many different musical influences ranging from pop to metal. Personally, I can not surely tell which musician or band has influenced me more, but the truth is that I enjoy the same listening to Loreena McKennitt or Paradise Lost or Korn, for me music has no labels!

Fivos: I couldn’t agree more with what Thodoris has already said and I believe that having listened to many different kinds of music as well as bands is what helps us to have a more open minded approach towards music.

FAULT: Who would you love to collaborate with and why?

Fivos: There are many great artists we would love to collaborate with! We really look up to many bands and we believe that the most important thing for us is working with passionate musicians that would give their soul on stage! That is something that would really help us to gain as much experience as possible and move forward!

FAULT: Do you have a favourite 3FoldPain track?

Thodoris: Generally, we create many songs, but only few of them make it to the final list! In a way you could say that every song we have included to the EP, or that will be included to the full length album, it’s definitely one of our favourites! We believe

that each song has its own potential and hopefully will be able to touch the audience in a unique way!

FAULT: What are you working on at the moment?

Effie: Right now we are focused on promoting the EP in every possible way! We try to make as many lives as we can and also we are trying to get in contact with professionals from the music industry. At the same time, we don’t stop composing music and making plans to release a full length album in the first quarter of 2011!

FAULT: What do you think of new music?

Thodoris: There are many remarkable new bands that have a lot of things to offer in the music scene nowadays! I believe that everybody should keep their ears open, give new music a chance it might bring out something exciting!

Anthony: It’s really important to move forward as music is an open field in need of innovation! We should never forget that every decade had one or even more “musical leaders” that marked those ages with their diversity and their new style.

FAULT: Do you have a favourite artist?

Thodoris: Of course, everyone has a favorite artist! Personally, since I was a little child my favorite artists were Metallica! I had a big poster of James Hetfield in my room!

Anthony: I really like Muse!

Effie: I have to say that from time to time I had many different favorite artists! Right now I will answer Tool!

Fivos: My favorite artist is Mike Portnoy!

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

Thodoris: Our biggest fault as a band, we think, is that we are all really impatient, can’t wait to see what the future holds for us! We also want to do as many things as possible and have them done by yesterday!

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