Temper Trap

By Mel McQueen

It’s been just over a year since The Temper Trap have taken the world by storm and become one of the most talked about bands to come out of Australia.

With sold out tours throughout the U.K and Europe and winning the prestigious APRA (Australasian Performing Right Association) songwriting award for ‘Sweet Disposition’ the now London based boys take some time out of their busy schedule to talk to us about enjoying the humor of a whoopee cushion, the creative writing process and never having to share a bedroom with their brother again!

FAULT:    First of all, how did everyone meet?

I met Dougy when he first moved to Australia from Indonesia 10 years ago. He eventually decided to start a band while he was working in a clothing store which Toby, our drummer was also working at as well. Toby had known Lorenzo for years from school and pulled him in a couple of years down the track to join the band.

FAULT: What was the biggest challenge you had to face when trying to get the band’s name out there?

Way back when we first started we found it difficult as every promoter or club owner has the same looking kind of kids coming up to them a thousand times asking shamelessly for their band to play. Eventually when we got the wheels in motion we didn’t have to beg for gigs so much.

FAULT: Now that the world is watching, how does it feel?

It’s funny, you look on the Myspace and you have the kids saying ‘Come to Wonkapilla’ or something like that. I never knew half of these cities existed; now it’s an honor I guess. (I made Wonkapilla up, there’s no such thing I just couldn’t think of an example)

FAULT: What tour bus shenanigans have taken place so far?

There aren’t too many shenanigans, we’re still immature enough to enjoy the                    humour of a woopie cushion and lots of dumb jokes. A couple of the boys direct a    lot of energy into paying out our touring member Joseph, he’s a New Zealand child    star, he’s been tickled by Hercules, the list is long. I feel bad for him sometimes, I           try not to join in but it doesn’t stop me from laughing.

FAULT: Playing live VS recording in the studio, what’s the verdict and why?

There is something very satisfying about hearing your work recorded and the hard           copy of it. Although playing live is a lot of fun and the majority of us find more         satisfaction there. It doesn’t make sense to enjoy recording more anyway, you record       once every two years (or every year if you’re lucky) the rest of the time is spent touring.

FAULT: The Temper Trap have played gigs all over the globe. So far, which gig have you enjoyed playing the most?

One of our main milestones was playing in Tokyo because there were 5,000 people         having a blast. Our biggest crowd to date was at Falls Festival in Lorne over New Years –     I tend to care more about what my state (Victoria) thinks of us then the rest of the world,      we felt very loved and the kids really knew the songs.

FAULT: It’s only been 12 months since the release of ‘Conditions’ in Australia and you’re already being dubbed as the best band to come out of the country in ten years, How do you take such generous praise? Do you feel there’s a lot to live up to?

Nah, not really, you just laugh. I think our manager made up that rumour, he was sitting next to a blogger kid and the next minute the word was out.

FAULT: Where to from here? Have you started work on the next album?

We’ve got lots and lots of touring in store, we’re booked out for most of this year. I’m not sure if my brain can handle thinking about the next album yet!

FAULT: It can take years for a band to stumble upon a sound that they’re happy with, is there a structured approach to The Temper Trap’s creative process or is it simply ‘hit and miss’?

It’s hit and miss for sure, we have tried everyway of writing songs and they all work, jams, a whole song idea and we just play around computer programming, we tear apart ideas put them back together again, scrap them, use part an idea for another song. There isn’t a set way.

FAULT: What’s your favourite track of the album?

Love Lost, it has everything that makes for a good pop song I think.

FAULT: If the Temper Trap were to collaborate with another artist, who would it be?

I would say Mumford & Sons but I’m sure the other band members would say something different.

FAULT: Can you finish this sentence?…Long gone are the days of____________________.

Sharing a room with my brother.

FAULT: Can you name 5 things you couldn’t live without?

Showers, socks, the beach, my wife and nice people

FAULT: Who would you say is the most fashionable of the group?

Dougy for sure.