Mr. larkin: eco project

By: Melodie Duperval

Meet mr. larkin

An upcoming womenswear eco-fashion line based in San Francisco, California created by fashion designer Casey Larkin. The label is a creative melange of organic vintage style and fashion forward architecture for its form. mr. larkin is definitely designed for an understated chic fashionista who believes that “going green” is more than just a choice, but a lifestyle.

Unique  +  Feminine +  Pretty = Sustainable Chic

Being environmentally sustainable never looked so good until now. Larkin creates her designs using only eco-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton, silk chiffon, soybean/cashmere, and milk fiber as well as using natural dyes for color. Icing on the cake? Casey uses vintage jewelry as one-of-a-kind embellishments on her pieces.

Why is Casey Larkin an eco-fashion designer?

There is no reason not to be. I feel it is my personal responsibility…I am a designer first, but living a sustainable lifestyle is so important to me…so I design clothing that can easily be apart of that world…I try to keep that in mind when I design…we go to yoga, we go see shows, parties, events, lunch w friends, relaxing on the couch, good days, bad days…why not do it all in clothing that is locally made, for the environment and supports our future.(Sustainable Style WSNC blog)

A/W 2010 collection: