MAXJENNY: Colorful Ponchos as the New Green Avant-garde

By: Melodie Duperval

What does sustainability mean to Maxjenny, as a fashion designer & a consumer?

Beautiful and longlasting timeless design in environmentally friendly fabrics.

Become a living and breathing work of art with these creatively-made sustainable ponchos. One of the hottest Scandinavian fashion designers, Maxjenny Forslund, is the culprit for the mind-blowing fusion of art and fashion. Created in 2007, the eco designer has become synonymous with fashion forward thinking providing women of today striking garments with unusual cuts and colors.

friendly fabrics of choice: recycled polyester. bamboo fibres. PET fibres

In the spotlight is MAXJENNY’s  “Street Sculptures” line of womenswear– an experimental line of vivid colors mixing the beauty of art and the practicality of everyday wear. This collection of eccentric ponchos, each piece unique on its own, is the definition of green avant garde: wearable art made of sustainable materials.