How has 2010 been for you so far?

– It’s been certainly so much creative and full of discoveries; in the beginning of the year I got lots of ideas for music and drawing, I discovered lots of new bands and musical genres and I found a direction in my art. I think it’s been good so far, no?

What is your artistic background?

– I’m only 24 so I’ve got a short artistic background; I attended the “Istituto d’Arte di Urbino” (Italy) and I learned many things on drawing and animated film. In that school I also found friends with a big passion for arts and it made me even more creative.

When did you first discover your gift for illustration?

– Since I was a child I’ve always made illustrations and portraits; then, for about 2 years or more, I threw me into the abstract and it showed me how to go with the creative flow. Now, I join the two styles in one and I must say it’s the best combo for me.

What other artists inspire you?

– Above all Egon Schiele, as soon as I saw him was love at first sight. Then there are also Burri, Mondrian, Kandinskij ( I know, I’m behind the times and it’s my fault), Chris Cunningham, Giger, Alex Grey, Andrea Pazienza.

I also like the photographs especially Lomography

Describe your style?

– It’s a mix of portraits taken by stolen photos from internet, with lines, dark halos, scarred tissues, spirals, vortices, abstracted fires, cosmic elements, smoke and maybe also graphic design.

Do you have a favourite piece of you own work?

– There are certainly works better than others, some are simple, others more full but I’m still fond of all my works. In the latest I’ve perfected my technique with the pen therefore they’re much better careful than earlier. But if I have to choose an artwork I say the last “Riot Girl”; in this portrait there’s a wonderful harmony in the movements of  the hair.

Is art your full time job?

– Oh yes! In this moment I do nothing else. STRi is a project that includes art and music, so I’m always busy to drawing, or playing and research new music.

What are you inspired by music?

– Sure! When I’m drawing I always listening to music, it’s like the fuel. Moreover STRi is also a “One Man Band” project therefore I’m forced to do it all alone.

I spend so much time of my day in Internet to discover emerging band.

It’s full of so much good stuff.

What are you currently listening to?

– I update my plays; I’m currently listening to The XX, Crystal Castles, Kap Bambino, Wavves, Male Bonding, Washed Out, Health,  Fuck Buttons, Telepathe, These New Puritans, Does It Offend You Yeah, MGMT, The Knife, The Toxic Avenger, The Bloody Beetroots, Boys Noize, A Classic Education, Death In Plains.

If you weren’t an artist what would you be doing?

– I’m very interested in the study of mind and the perceptions, so I’d probably become a psychologist. Or maybe a shaman.

What is a typical day for you?

– There are days when I just want to play and record everything I do so then I can select the better things. Other days I surf on the Internet to look for some pictures to make a portrait. If  it isn’t a creative day it’s better to walk or go to the beach.

What is your proudest moment?

– The proudest moment is when you feel that you’ve done a good work that appeals to both you and the others, and especially when what you’ve done is created spontaneously and effortlessly. Even the compliments makes me proud.

What is your guilty pleasure?

– My guilty pleasure is to eat all the junk food that I want knowing that I won’t get fat.

What are you currently working on at the moment?

– Now I’m recording my last song in my bedroom. It’s called “Summerize” and it’s a mix of Summer and Summarizing ( I have fun playing with words); I’m finding that’s very hard to do everything alone… maybe it would be better if I required a little help from someone.

What’s next for you?

– I hope so many things, maybe too many, but I don’t want get worried… so I don’t know what is next for me.

What is your FAULT?

– My fault is talking and thinking too much. Things would be lighter with a little more spontaneity.

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