FAULT: Tell us about your designs?

All of my designs are made using identical multiplied shapes to form one symmetrical piece. I made them in my specific envisionment of beauty, something that embodies both elegance and danger. For instance, my PlagueBoy Bunny Mask represents a rebellion to the PlayBoy culture, popularised in it’s exploitation of the female form.

FAULT: What is your creative design process?

I work from inside my head picturing characters that I would like to see play out in the real world, I then make this as close to a reality as I can in the workshop. Then collaborating with my close friend and up and coming photographer, Matt King, we put our ideas together to bring my pieces to life in a favourable setting.

FAULT: Do you consider yourself a sculptor or a fashion designer?

Sculptor indubitably. I have a very keen interest in fashion and so this is the branch I feel most comfortable designing and sculpting within.

FAULT: Where do you get your materials from?

I collect scraps from both my current and previous workplaces, this is extremely convenient in that metal workshops accumulate thousands upon thousands of unwanted identical fragments. If ever I pass discarded metal goods I will always quickly determine whether or not they would come in use, as they say, ‘Waste not, want not.’

FAULT: Who would be your ideal client?

I absolutely love Juliette Lewis, I think she has the perfect edgy image to rock out my creations. Speaking in environmental terms, Tim Burton. I’m greatly inspired by his use of dark and quirky themes, I feel this trait of Burton films is very similar to my own inspiration of all things elegant yet dangerous.

FAULT: Will you be exploring other mediums for future pieces?

Recently, perspex has been creeping into newer creations alongside metal, I don’t see any limitations.

FAULT: What inspires you?

Essentially, engineering. I love the thought of taking individual inutile fragments and combining them to create something of practical use, or in a creative sense, of beauty.

FAULT: What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on an Exquisite Corpse design for Gallery Superstore’s fourth group show. Exploring the themes and practices of the parlor game originating ‘Exquisite Corpse’, debuting the 2nd of September and curated by Alex Noble.

FAULT: Are there any designers or artists who have had an influence on your work?

After becoming aware of the MuTate Britain Art Movement, made up of Mutoid Waste Company and the Cordy House Family in November 2008, my work changed and I became instantly inspired. Coming from a town where creativity and originality isn’t usually seen I used to suppress some ideas in fear that they wouldn’t be accepted. Seeing works from the likes of Joe Rush, Wreckage International, Sam Haggerty and Giles Walker fused with street and contemporary artists opened my eyes to a world wherein I could let my imagination roam free, creating from my ideas and learning more about my mad skills (or talents if you prefer).

FAULT: Will you be extending your line into other garments or accessories?

I recently made a Harness bra/waist belt with a matching dog collar with rods. I’ve been playing with lots of other ideas so who know’s what’s to come.

FAULT: What has been the biggest compliment you have received so far?

My greatest compliment to date has to be Edward Enninful recognising my work as having potential, but as an up and coming artist I feel greatly overwhelmed whenever anybody has anything positive to say about my sculptures.

FAULT: What is your goal?

To make a living through my work. If in ten years time I can solely be spending my time producing art pieces that reflect my ideas and personality, and inspiring other up and coming artists, then I will consider my goal accomplished.

FAULT: Are you inspired by music? If so what are you currently listening to?

Music has always been a big part of my life. I listen to a huge diversity of genres and am constantly finding new bands that I love. Currently I’m listening to bands ranging from Queens of the Stone Age and Led Zeppelin to Mew and Maybeshewill.

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

Having a ten-track mind and not being able to concentrate on any one of these tracks.

Photography by Matt King

Styling by Fran Boyd

Modelled by Cristina Firpo





Clare’s Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Clare-Whit-Sculptor/133657946665678?ref=ts