How has 2010 been for you so far?

– So far, so good.

What is your artistic background?

– I haven’t had any formal training in photography to date but I’ve always been interested in art, especially cinema. I think I learned how to take photos through watching countless films of all ages and countries.

When did you first discover your gift for photography?

– That would be when I started uploading photos to Flickr and receiving some nice comments on them. I’d never really thought that I had an eye for photography before.

What other artists inspire you?

– Yasujiro Ozu, Kenji Mizoguchi and Mikio Naruse. These great Japanese directors will never cease to inspire me!

Describe your style?

– I’m not sure if I have a particular style but my Flickr name, Sugar Crisp, will perhaps best summarise my current style.

What are you inspired by music?

– I love atmospheric and cinematic music. I often listen to the bands like Sigur Ros and Epic 45 when I photograph landscape or flowers. The best moment to press the shutter is when the music is synchronized with my emotion and the subject.

If you weren’t a photographer what would you be doing?

– Teaching English. Actually, that’s what I was doing before I came to the UK.

What are you currently working on at the moment?

– A project called Summer Logic. It’s my attempt to chase and trace this jubilant feeling we used to get at the beginning of summer when we were overcome by all our hopes and dreams. The problem is summer in Glasgow is short-lived and quite temperamental.

What’s next for you?

– Moving to London to pursue my career in photography. I’d also like to be on tour with a band and document it all on black & white film.

What is your FAULT?

– I often feel the urge to be lost in eternity.