C-PAS: World Champion Pro Skateboarder Designs Eco Menswear Line

By: Melodie Duperval.

He proved that he was the best skateboarder in the world, now the C-PAS designer is again showing his incredible skills in the eco fashion industry. Who is this guy?

Meet Pierre Andre Senizergues (PAS).

The French skateboarder turned eco fashion designer launched the menswear line ((Collection Pas)) in 2009, and is currently based out of Los Angeles, California. This high end line is made especially for men and only uses recycled, natural and sustainable materials. These materials include: vintage army blankets, mosquito nets, and even old parachutes.

C-PAS style.

The collection is super hip with a cool mixture from the classics, providing the opportunity for the wearer to dress UP or dress DOWN. The inspiration of the line comes from fashion, art, and of course, the environment.

C-PAS’s fall 2010 collection features shades of blue, olive green, and black in a range of jackets and blazers paired with 100% organic wool trousers. This range includes sustainable materials like tarp, parachutes, organic cotton and vegan leather.

What is FAULT’s Favorite?

The stylish “Music Tape” blazer and bow-tie ensemble designed using post-industrial cassette tape!