Benjamin Shun Lai NG — his soles have crystals on them!

By: Melodie Duperval

Crystals. Brogues. &. Braids. — These are the favored materials used by upcoming mens footwear designer, Benjamin Shun Lai NG. Originally from Hong Kong, but currently based in the UK, Benjamin has recently completed his MA in menswear/footwear from the Royal College of Art. It was his thesis collection that not only captured major buzz from industry professionals but also won him the annual YKK award. This award was offered along with 10,000 euros to contribute towards Benjamin’s first designer collection. (which he is currently working hard to complete!)

“My collection is based on traditional men’s footwear with a distinct and contemporary signature.”

What makes this designer different from the others? Its his ability to creatively balance the traditional with the contemporary. The structure of Ben’s designs are nothing that we haven’t seen before, but its the materials that he chooses to construct them with that makes us wanting to see more! Guys, Picture it: braided-toe Derby’s, brogue’d out lace-ups, and crystalized soles. Yes, we know it sounds like we’re speaking in code but take a peak at the photos and you’ll quickly be in-the-know!